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BANDNAME Albany, New York TJ Foster (vocals, guitars, keyboards)
Lauren Alexander (vocals, cornet)
Jordan Stewart (guitar)

Accents - Small Tales

A triumphant mix of soaring melodies and life affirming vocals, Small Tales pick ups where Tall Tales left off. Small Tales is about the insecurities that haunt us no matter how old and wise we become. This album cements Accent's position in the overall indie rock lineup and solidifying "indie folk" as both a mindset and a sound. This record will hit you hard ...More / Reviews / Audio
Accents - Tall Tales

Tall Tales sounds more like their fourth or fifth album together, not a sophomore effort with three new members. Certain to cement the band as far more than a one-genre pony, Tall Tales epitomizes synergy among musicians. Tall Tales offers a diverse set of songs with a wide range of styles, but it's the honesty behind every note, every melody and every lyric that ...More / Reviews / Audio
Accents - Growth And Squalor

Accents came out of nowhere...and in a big way with an astonishingly mature debut that oozes with indie folk bliss. I live for surprises like this. It's quite stunning how brilliantly Growth And Squalor is constructed...the combined result of the genuine, honest and often heartbreaking songwriting matched with a keen knack for making the sweet sound even sweeter ...More / Reviews / Audio
Deep Elm Sampler No. 12 - Sometimes I See You In The Stars

Nineteen battle-worn years in the making, the 12th label sampler by indie stalwart Deep Elm Records features new, unreleased songs by Lights & Motion, Carly Comando, Last Lungs, The Dandelion War, Our Lost Infantry and The Lions Rampant plus fan favorites from every new release in the Deep Elm catalog, spanning the genres of cinematic post-rock, indie rock, indie folk ...More / Track Listing / Audio