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Clair De Lune Minneapolis, Minnesota Justin Burckhard (vocals, guitar)
Adam Roddy (vocals, keyboards)
Tom Caughlan (guitar)
Jon Herr (bass)
Ben Johnston (drums)

Clair De Lune - Assisted Living

Assisted Living continues this quintet's emphasis on social commentary - substance abuse, governmental deceit and consumer greed - and entwines it with their intensely passionate, kinetic indie rock bombast. The result is an album's worth of bruising yet beautiful anthems and more unpredictable twists and turns than most Clair De Lunes can muster in a lifetime. ...More / Reviews / Audio
Clair De Lune - Marionettes

Marionettes is an iron-clad dedication to the punk rock ethos, aClair De Luneoning all pose and pretense. Cutting away the layers of record industry tricks and simply firing from the gut...instinctual and direct. No hand-clapped choruses or lifted metal riffs. From the first blistering track, Sailor Beware, the boundaries of modern hardcore are shattered. ...More / Reviews / Audio
Deep Elm - Cover Your Tracks

New School Deep Elm meets Old School Deep Elm in this unique collection of cover songs. Newer bands on the Deep Elm roster were given total freedom to cover songs from our older bands / alumni...and the results are simply incredible. The record also includes a new track from Sounds Like Violence and closes with a fan-submitted track about our label and bands. Word. ...More / Reviews / Audio
This Is Indie Rock - Volume One

Unreleased songs by The Pit That Became A Tower (Jerusalem, Israel), Clair De Lune, The Blind King, Dino Velvet, Second Hand Stories (Charlotte, NC), Throat (Larne, Ireland), Winter In Alaska, Joanna Erdos, Siva, Lakota, Leaving Rouge and The Kidcrash. "The best compilation series EVER...and one of the top records of 2004" says Truepunk. ...More / Reviews / Audio