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Dorena Gothenburg, Sweden Kim Ruiz (guitar, vocals)
Andreas Brandt (guitar)
Robin Lindstrom (guitar)
Simon Rohlen (bass)
Jonatan Tikas (drums)

Dorena - Nuet

Instrumental post-rock luminaries Dorena know how to evoke feeling from every channel of the emotional spectrum. They do it through noble soundscapes and blissfully inventive near-pop anthems that don't rely on fancy wordplay to speak volumes. They do it through a forward-thinking fusion of ice-tinged atmospherics and entrancing melodies that rises above mere sound ...More / Reviews / Audio
Dorena - About Everything And More

Dorena evokes both captivating delight and sonic wonder through epic soundscapes and blissfully inventive, near-pop anthems. On this sophomore release, they flawlessly fuse ice-tinged atmospherics, entrancing melodies and sparse vocals with limited quiet/loud mechanics to create music that doesn't ask for your full claims it. The album transports the listener to a ...More / Reviews / Audio
Dorena - Holofon

For every devastating moment that Holofon holds within its watery depths is an equally blissful moment of magnificence just waiting to follow. Musical waves rise up to unspeakable heights and crash remorselessly upon the listener, forcing them underneath its swirling surface, sometimes for minutes at a time. It's both peaceful and slightly unsettling at times but it's also ...More / Reviews / Audio
Various Artists - Floating: The Nathan Gocke Story (Soundtrack)

The soundtrack to a poignant documentary film (Winner of Best Emerging Filmmaker Documentary at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival) about a quadriplegic surfer who survived a tragedy of the elements, his courage to embrace a new existence and his dream to one day surf again. It's an inspirational story of hope, humanity and rehabilitation. Executive Producer Morgan Spurlock ...More / Reviews / Audio
Various Artists - Postrockology

Featuring many of the brightest artists dominating the "post rock" subgenre which employs nontraditional rhythms, harmonies, melodies, timbres, textures, chord progressions and song structures. Cinematic, hypnotic, cerebral and often instrumental, it's an epic, emotional and musical journey through which the listener is transported to hope from despair ...More / Track Listing / Audio
Deep Elm Sampler No. 12 - Sometimes I See You In The Stars

Nineteen battle-worn years in the making, the 12th label sampler by indie stalwart Deep Elm Records features new, unreleased songs by Lights & Motion, Carly Comando, Last Lungs, The Dandelion War, Our Lost Infantry and The Lions Rampant plus fan favorites from every new release in the Deep Elm catalog, spanning the genres of cinematic post-rock, indie rock, indie folk ...More / Track Listing / Audio