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Lights & Motion Gothenburg, Sweden Christoffer Franzen
(all instruments / vocals)


The ability to strike emotion on a universal level, to touch the heart without words, to transport you to otherworldly realms in which anything and everything is possible...this is the power of cinematic post-rock luminary Lights & Motion. A polished and perfected homage to everything that came before it, Chronicle is a stunning, glorious and triumphant album from start to finish ...More / Track Listing / Audio
Save Your Heart

How do you follow up what critics have called "the greatest debut album in post-rock history?" Not an issue for Lights & Motion. Tears of wonder, respect and admiration for the sheer magnitude and utter beauty of Save Your Heart will run down many a face after just one listen, as they did mine. This is what it sounds like in Heaven above. This is the music of angels ...More / Track Listing / Audio

One word: Epic. That's the best way to describe the stunning instrumental debut by this cinematic post-rock powerhouse. Deeply intimate yet so massively majestic, culminating in a timeless album that is seemingly created from the same stuff dreams are made of. Pure, sweeping musically-animated emotion. One of the best post-rock records ever to be released ...More / Track Listing / Audio
Unreleased (Music For TV & Film) Vol. 1

Now available exclusively through Deep Elm is this unreleased collection of 20 tracks from Lights & Motion. These powerful compositions highlight the band's love for cinema and incredible talent for film and television scoring. Although none of these tracks have been officially released, the band has made them available due to fan requests ...More / Track Listing / Audio
Holiday Visions

As a special treat for the holidays, Lights & Motion brings you this ever-expanding collection of sweeping, holiday-inspired instrumentals warm the heart with memories of festive family gatherings, snow-dusted streets, friends around the fireplace and days long past. The timeless music of Lights & Motion make any project stand out and be remembered ...More / Track Listing / Audio
Reanimation - Limited Edition 2X Vinyl LP Set

Deep Elm Records will be releasing a Limited Edition 2X Vinyl LP Set of Reanimation in connection with Foreign Sounds. Currently in production in the Czech Republic, this hand-numbered, double-gatefold, limited edition pressing will be limited to 500 copies on black vinyl. Release Date: Late 2013 ...More / Track Listing / Audio
Various Artists - Postrockology

Featuring many of the brightest artists dominating the "post rock" subgenre which employs nontraditional rhythms, harmonies, melodies, timbres, textures, chord progressions and song structures. Cinematic, hypnotic, cerebral and often instrumental, it's an epic, emotional and musical journey through which the listener is transported to hope from despair ...More / Track Listing / Audio
Deep Elm Sampler No. 12 - Sometimes I See You In The Stars

Nineteen battle-worn years in the making, the 12th label sampler by indie stalwart Deep Elm Records features new, unreleased songs by Lights & Motion, Carly Comando, Last Lungs, The Dandelion War, Our Lost Infantry and The Lions Rampant plus fan favorites from every new release in the Deep Elm catalog, spanning the genres of cinematic post-rock, indie rock, indie folk ...More / Track Listing / Audio