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500 Miles To Memphis Cincinnati, Ohio Ryan Malott (vocals, guitar)
David Rhodes Brown (lap steel)
Jeff Snyder (bass)
Stephen Kuffner (guitar, vocals)
Kevin Hogle (drums)
Paul Patterson (fiddle)

500 Miles To Memphis - Sunshine In A Shotglass

500 Miles To Memphis plays rowdy, insanely catchy, sometime heartbreaking but always inspiring "country punk." These songs are whiskey-soaked in bittersweet lament, but more like the slug of Jack Daniel's you throw back before crawling on stage to sing your heart out. While lead vocalist Ryan Malott's lyrics draw from afflictive personal experience and ...More / Reviews / Audio
500 Miles To Memphis - We've Built Up To Nothing

500 Miles To Memphis has re-invented themselves without compromising the blood, sweat, and tears from previous releases, creating an album that's nothing short of riveting. We've Built Up to Nothing has cut after cut of instantly memorable hooks, screaming guitars, Beatles-inspired harmonies, and even a full orchestra. ...More / Reviews / Audio
Deep Elm Sampler No. 9 - We Dream Alone

Download 18 killer new tracks embedded with lyrics from all the new releases in our fine catalog on Deep Elm Sampler No. 9 "We Dream Alone." Includes a full-length version of 500 Miles To Memphis' song "The Regret" ...More / Reviews / Audio
Ryan Malott & Kelly Thomas - Self-Titled

Everyone knows that the backbone of music is a good love story. Liquor-drenched heartache and a whole lot of screen door slamming begot countless couples whose naturally chaos-riddled chemistry made for more than just unforgettable tunes. RYAN MALOTT & KELLY THOMAS bring their own separate tales of love and loss to the table, where they douse them in whiskey ...More / Reviews / Audio