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U137 "Dreamer On The Run"

From cinematic post-rock passages to catchy indie rock interludes, the ten track instrumental debut Dreamer On The Run from Swedish post-rock duo U137 (including members of Moonlit Sailor) offers a unique combination of sounds glowing with a fresh energy, diversity and originality. Dreamer is the kind of album you listen to over and over again, finding something new to savor each time you listen. This chorus and crescendo here. That arc and arpeggio there. Two words sum it up: Pearl Lakes. Now that, my friends, is epic songwriting. No, wait: The Poet. Or maybe: Midsummer Field. It's all so good. The beautiful melodies and arrangements found on Dreamer are quite skillful and complex despite the seeming simplicity and familiarity of the songs themselves. With the aim of generating a feeling of pure euphoria in the listener, succeed it does...on every plane. U137 is Scandinavian artistry at the highest level.

"Oscar and I have been writing music since we were about twelve years old and we're still inspired to make music every single day. What inspires us is the thought of making THE perfect song, a timeless masterpiece of sorts. Dreamer is about as personal as an album gets. We wrote the music while living together directly after we had both ended long-term relationships. We shared the same vision about the make our listeners feel inspired. Our goal was to create music as euphoric as possible. The album title refers to those 'dreamers' among us who are 'on the run' from an ordinary, often boring, existence. We wanted to have an album cover that was clean, allowing the music to speak for itself. We named the band after the Soviet submarine which ran aground in Swedish waters during the Cold War" says Adam Tornblad.

U137 is Adam Tornblad (guitar, bass, drums, piano, strings) and Oscar Gulbrandsen (guitar, bass, piano, strings). Both Adam and Oscar are also members of Deep Elm label mates Moonlit Sailor whose acclaimed releases include Colors In Stereo (2012), So Close To Life (2009) and A Footprint Of Feelings (2008). Dreamer On The Run was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by U137 at HAV Music Studio in Boras, Sweden from February to June of 2013. Cover artwork by U137. Photo by Kristoffer Midborn. The band resides in Boras, Sweden where they often experience weeks without sunlight.

"The debut by Deep Elm's newest treasure, Swedish duo U137, is an exceptional piece of work. Dreamer On The Run is a wonderful
easy-listening gateway to the world of cinematic in textures, nuance, unexpected softness, energy and self-discipline.
If you aren't somehow moved by these songs, then you aren't human. A roller coaster of emotions and sounds, Dreamer documents
the saga of a deceptively deep, inspirational journey. Dreamer refers to those who are constantly looking for an escape from the boring,
from the ordinary, from the routine of our daily lives. So let the U137 carry you away to somewhere you have longed to go."
- Earmilk

For Fans Of: Lights & Motion, Moonlit Sailor, Sigur Ros, Last Lungs, The Appleseed Cast

Genre(s): Cinematic Post-Rock

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Deep Elm Records is pleased to announce the forthcoming worldwide release of Austin-based indie folk duo PAPERMOONS' ten track sophomore full-length album No Love on September 17, 2013. Deep Elm released the band's critically-acclaimed debut New Tales in October 2009. No Love is now available for pre-order on both Deep Elm Digital (immediate download of two full-length songs) and iTunes. Fans can also stream two songs in their entirety including album opener Arms Length and Ghost using the Deep Elm Digital pre-order link (see complete list of links below).

"It's been a long four years to hear new music from Papermoons, but perfection takes time and it was certainly worth the wait. Matt and Daniel use subtle transitions, gorgeous harmonies, intimate performances and gentle attention to every minute detail to create a unique mid-tempo mix of words and sounds that is truly captivating. Song after song is filled with powerful emotion and engaging, relatable lyrics that make you recollect your own personal dealings with love / no love. The first time I heard the closing track Lungs, I was forever moved as they sang 'with my hands i will construct you / with my might i will protect you / i'll build the walls / i'll lay the floors and hang the doors / i will call you home.' Whoa. Lungs is without question one of the very best songs in Deep Elm's catalog. A rare album exuding undercurrents of sadness and hope, No Love is a noteworthy achievement marked with an onslaught of care, control, confidence and conviction. I could not be more pleased with the way the album turned out. Deep Elm is blessed beyond reason to be working with such incredible artists" says label founder John Szuch.

"Since the release of our debut New Tales back in 2009, Daniel and I went through some pretty big life changes: marriage, moving, finishing school. The songs on No Love were inspired by the personal growth we experienced due to all these changes. Playing music together has always been special to us. We wanted to write these songs to sort of break the silence of the past several years. We feel the album is a focused, fresh start for the next stage of Papermoons. No Love is a tongue in cheek moniker for an album of often serious content. The songs explore the duality of our emotions, how we experience love, and how our perception of these emotions changes over time. The cover features a photograph that Daniel took at Muir Beach overlook in California because we feel it is at once beautiful and lonely. It represents the duality of our emotions...a topic explored throughout the album. It's been a cathartic experience to finish No Love and we are both very proud of the end result. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it" says Matt Clark (vocals, guitar, pedal bass).

Daniel Hawkins (drums, vocals, hand percussion) adds "we draw a lot from the concept of making more out of less. We try to create songs that are easy, innocent and pleasant to listen to but that also contain subtle complexities that make listening more interesting and enjoyable. We strive to make music that can both cheer someone up and also console. We've both been involved with playing music for many years now and what has been continually inspiring to us is the way in which music connects people. And of course, the personal satisfaction of creating music is second to none."

"The most beautiful sounds possible. Their level as songwriters is mind-bogglingly mature." - Sound Salvation
"I'm stunned at how brilliantly constructed the whole thing is. This is an album with no equal." - Free Press
"The whole experience of the record is heartbreakingly beautiful...I'm left utterly shattered." - The Skyline

For Fans Of: Pedro the Lion, Death Cab for Cutie, Accents, Wilco, Ida, Low, Band of Horses

Genre(s): Indie Folk, Indie Rock

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Instrumental post-rock luminaries DORENA know how to evoke feeling from every channel of the emotional spectrum. They do it through noble soundscapes and blissfully inventive near-pop anthems that don't rely on fancy wordplay to speak volumes. They do it through a forward-thinking fusion of ice-tinged atmospherics and entrancing melodies that rises above mere sound. They do it by transporting the listener to a euphoric dimension, a realm where something glorious perseveres in the end. They do it by meshing indie, rock, pop and electronic influences to create something you feel part of. They do it with their innate ability to surprise and impress down to every meticulous detail. They do it with the skill of artists far more seasoned than their brave young souls. They do it flawlessly. And they do it on Nuet, their third full-length album. From its moments of dramatic intensity and illuminating clarity to its isolated ambience, Nuet is more than just a startlingly beautiful's a sonic wall of delight and wonder.

"A fascinating album of unorthodox post-rock stylings that succeed in breaking the mold." - StereoKiller
"An amazing display of soaring, majestic, textured anthems with elegant beauty and graceful dynamics." - go211

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