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Caves, the third studio album from Canadian outfit THE SKY LIFE, is a skilled and artful exercise in opposites. Contrary to their prior two full-lengths, Caves paints a picture of sadness and sorrow throughout the majority of the album, particularly on songs like Feel The Same and Son To The Seed. But at the same time, each song is countered with joyful resonance and reflection. Both Granville and Freeman boldly proclaim satisfaction and the recognition of life's beauty, whether it's on the docks, down by the ocean or in simple appreciation of a beautiful summer day. Songs such as Get Up And Go - a blend of middle-eastern instrumentation with lush vocals and a hook that forces you to sing along - offer a world of encouragement, proclaiming that throughout life's trials and tribulations, we are not alone. THE SKY LIFE's ability to empathize with its audience, and more importantly the human condition, has never been more present and palpable...even though the album defies conventional songwriting methodology, making it difficult to pigeonhole the band's genre or writing style. THE SKY LIFE is an encouragement to a dry wasteland of a music industry, over saturated by cookie-cutter rock bands and over-sexualized pop stars, proving that there are still artists out there looking to push the boundaries, not afraid to write something that sounds different, not afraid to be honest.

"Caves is all about working through the hard times in life. Even when darkness and doubt surround you, no amount of dark can ever extinguish light. We want to connect with our audience and share the notion that everyone struggles, and that it's okay. It's okay to be upset, sad and angry, but it's important to also work through those feelings and emotions to come to a resolution, learn from them, grow and move forward in life" says band member Josh Steffen. Josh continues "the album title was chosen because we felt like a it represented the feeling of exploring depths, being lost, trapped or swallowed up by something that is cold, lonely and unknown. You never know what you're going to find if you go exploring in strange caves. The lyrics explore a journey of self-reflection, confusion, even anger. They explores empathy, error and understanding of humanity. And they explore love, encouragement and forgiveness. We chose the artwork because we felt it portrayed the mystical, dark feeling of the album...a cold dark place with a warm inviting center filled with music and life. On Caves, we threw away the notion that we were either guitarists, drummers or pianists...and instead shared duties via our abilities as multi-instrumentalists. Not being restricted to one instrument, one place in the mix, allowed us to explore the moods, melodies and possibilities within each song on a much deeper level." And the results are chillingly beautiful.

THE SKY LIFE is Justin Carter, Josh Steffen and Bobby Kuhl. Caves was co-produced and engineered by THE SKY LIFE in TSL Recording Suites in Edmonton and Vancouver over a period of nine months. The album was mastered at Suite Sound Labs (Bif Naked, SNFU, We Are The City) in Vancouver. Album artwork by Bobby Kuhl. Deep Elm also released the bands two previous albums Roots And Wings (2010) and Dimes And Discourses (2008). THE SKY LIFE currently resides in a place known as the Lower Mainland, Manhattan with Mountains, a liquid city, a tomorrow city, host of the 2010 Winter Olympics, home of the Stanley Park sanctuary and the Canucks...Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

"A truly poetic union of emotional pop-rock, soft electro-synth with a deeply rooted organic feel." - Record Rebellion
"Luscious layers and memorable hooks add to inventive lyrics to craft an album that is truly inspiring." - Froglix
"A thoughtfully-crafted melding of ambient synths, piano and guitars that connects. Phenomenal" - Music On Demand

For Fans Of: Angels And Airwaves, Bon Iver, Anberlin, The Fray, Owl City, Les Sages

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Ambient post-rockers THE DANDELION WAR from Oakland, California have returned with a stunning batch of lavish, atmospheric songs on their sophomore album We Were Always Loyal To Lost Causes. The quintet has broadened their sound, drenching reverb-laden guitars and vocals with bright electronic elements and textures while also building quiet textures into cascades of awesome noise. The album also has its more introspective moments: A Different Heav'n and Bloom skip the post-rock dynamic shifting and focus on melody and texture instead. Overall, The Dandelion War has taken the best of post-rock, ambient indie and shoegaze and created something new that simply captures your attention. 55 minutes of atmospheric bliss that washes over you...

"A lovely slice of indie rock beauty that resonates in the vocalst...floating-on-a-cloud music." - East Bay Express
"Immersive soundscapes littered with truly evocative, captivating moments." - RockFreaks

For Fans Of: Moonlit Sailor, Sigur Ros, Explosions In The Sky, Antlers, The Appleseed Cast, Dorena

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OCT 19 - Oakland, CA @ The Uptown w/ Stomacher
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NOV 29 - Basingstoke, England @ Sanctuary
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DEC 01 - Liverpool, England @ The Pilgrim

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