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From thousands of messages Deep Elm has received from fans, we selected the ones below to share with you. When the going gets tough, we find ourselves re-reading these letters. They make it all worthwhile for our staff, band members and all the other people that make Deep Elm possible. Knowing that we've made a difference or helped someone breathe a little bit easier...well, we can't ask for more than that. Without fans like You, none of this would be possible. Thank you for your continued support.

"Deep Elm Records is the benchmark for what we believe in about music: passion, integrity and independence."

"You guys put out some of the best records! I've been following you for a while and just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for helping one push through hard times, and being there during the celebrations, nothing but great music coming out of Deep Elm. I appreciate the depth in the music that gets produced, and it continually gives me an uplifting push towards my own goals. You guys rock, keep pushing the boundaries. Much love!"

"Thank you for doing what you do. You're making a beautiful contribution to music with Deep Elm..."

"I really love what you guys are here. Keeping music honest, keeping listeners honest. You guys are a bright light in an otherwise murky industry. I recommend you to everyone. Keep doing what you guys do. You have my sincere respect and support."

"Just wanted to tell you how much i appreciate what you do..the fact that you remain 100% independent and consistently put out so much mind blowing music is truly remarkable. As an independent musician myself i understand the struggles all too well. I dream to one day have something released by a label such as the meantime keep doing what you're doing and I'll keep supporting it!"

"With every new release I am falling deeper into the Deep Elm rabbit hole. Thank you for putting these amazing bands out there!"

"Music has always been the one thing to consistently make sense in life this far. Thank you for introducing me to some of my favorite bands while remaining independent. Keep up the incredible work you're doing. Much love from Ontario!"

"Greetings from Greece! I want you to know that I really like deepelm! Great music-great prices- amazing attitude! So glad I found you!! I heard many preview-demo-tracks from deepelm and I was so excited that I've ordered many of them! The music of Moonlit Sailor, U137, Lights & Motion, Appleseed Cast, etc became my everyday life soundtrack! I drive my car by listening to this music, daydreaming with this music! Your music opened new-amazing horizons from me! Your music is so amazing and refreshing!Thanks for your amazing music! Keep on! Bravo!"

"I don't have the words to thank you enough. Thank you to the musicians for crafting beauty, the technicians and producers for allowing it to be heard, to everyone at Deep Elm for spreading love through music, you make the lives of many so deeply enriched and positive, THANK YOU xx"

"Amazing work. As an aspiring audio engineer, I am pretty astounded by this label. One to spread the word about, for sure. Everything from the amazing collection of artists to the 'sounds like' feature on your site aligns with my personal mentality, and your unique professional fibers are refreshing. I wish you all the best, keep up the great work!"

"Thank you so much!! I just discovered your label (via the spectacularly resonant songs of Lights & Motion) and I'm a huge fan already. I greatly appreciate your generosity and love what you guys are doing. Long live independent music!"

"It doesn't take an expert to see that music business has changed over the past years. Today so much music exists, yet less records are sold than ever before. Music is still very much alive inside of us, however there is a significant lack of economic support for today's artists. As both a musician and fan in my small town scene, it's clear we can not survive professionally on unpaid gigs and unsold albums. Professional artists are fewer and fewer, and yet we refuse to stop making music. And in these modern times, I understand that keeping an independent label such as Deep Elm afloat isn't an easy task. You're right. The paragraph at the top of your fan-mail page says it all. Some days, it really does feel discouraging. And yet, here we are. So here I am. Neglecting my university paper due tomorrow morning, exhausted after working all weekend, listening to The Appleseed Cast's 'Low Level Owl' volumes on repeat and regretting absolutely nothing. My faith in music has been restored. I've said it before and I'll say it again: kudos to you, Deep Elm!"

"I have done some digging through your compilations and have loved what I have heard. I've also taken a listen to some of the artist's albums and have discovered Deep Elm is a treasure trove of diverse and powerful music... "

"Just wanted to thank you for what you do. Postrockology is one of the finest compilations I've ever heard. Keep it up!"

"I spend a lot of time cruising the websites of record labels, and your site is downright fantastic. It's so well-organised and accessible. Why can't everyone be like you? Even your contact page is immense, with all the band information neatly in place. Seriously, your website is refreshingly fantastic - good job Deep Elm!"

"Your label is incredible, best music ever! Can you tell me why The Appleseed Cast isn't the biggest band on the planet? They're truly gifted!"

"Congratulations. I can't believe you have gone from a humble vision to something really amazing and still going strong, almost 2 decades later. That is impressive as fuck. Well done."

"Deep Elm is a fully-heroic label, and home to loads of my favourite bands! I first came across you guys by downloading samplers from emusic and went crazy for Latterman, Track a Tiger, Desoto Jones and Benton Falls. Still loving what you guys do. Keep up the great work - Stay deep, Stay elmy!"

"You guys are such an amazing label, thanks for continuing to put out the best music out there!"

"Hey, Deep Elm. I'd just like to thank you guys for understanding what kind of music this world needs to enjoy. Ever since I came across She Bears, I've enjoyed listening to the bands your label has to offer for the past year. I'll be following your releases for years to come, and I'll always be a loyal fan."

"I found your label through a couple of your bands. Excellent releases, very solid bands. It makes sense that you have been around since 1995...quality is important!"

"Just wanted to send a quick email to express my utmost appreciation for all that Deep Elm Records does for independent artists & their fans. You guys are seriously the coolest record label I've ever come to know. I will continue sharing your artists online and with friends in every way I can."

"Thank you for the great roster. Thank you for the free music. Thank you for giving some of the best anti-piracy reasoning I've ever read. You guys spoil us so much with all the deals and freebies, and a fan couldn't ask for better. I'm happy to see that someone out there recognizes that the marketability of music is directly caused by the development of a passion toward it, and you do everything you can to facilitate that. Keep up the amazing work."

"Will be submitting my music soon. To be on this label is dream. I love the bands. I love the passion. I want to be a part of it so much."

"You are a hero who managed to adapt to the new market and change your business model, reduce costs, find new revenue sources and kept supporting independent music while hundreds of others labels fell. Deep Elm is still a very strong label and you should be happy about what you have done... "

"You guys are amazing! love your bands, Free Album Wednesdays, and samplers i love them all! thanks again for being such a great label!"

"I wanted to do the courtesy of emailing to thank you guys for putting together the Postrockology album, and releasing it for free on your site. I downloaded it just cause I thought it looked cool, and kinda just forgot about it over time, and found it on my computer.... Ever since than, it has been the only thing I have been listening to, and I think saying that this album has changed my life is bit of an understatement. So first and foremost, thank you. I was going through a hard time, and it honestly just changed my mood, and it would just find a way to make everything better."

"You guys are such a great label, really, I can't commend you enough on signing such quality bands and doing so much for the fans at the same time."

"I just wanted to say that Deep Elm has, for 10 years, been my favourite label. Your releases, your ethos and your commitment to quality is inspiring. Ever since I got my first tattoo (the 'Fighting Starlight' writing) when I was 18. Deep Elm has been my friend, my lover and my muse. Keep up the amazing work."

"I've never written fan mail before, but I'm compelled to write this. I have to applaud Deep Elm's approach to offering digital content; to offer FLAC format, complete with meta-data including embedded album art, and DRM free, is absolutely astounding. I only hope other labels follow Deep Elm's lead. Thanks, Deep Elm, for making the future of music distribution more palatable to this CD-collecting die-hard. I remain your loyal customer."

"What i want to say is simple words of thanks. It was the luckiest moment in my life when i found your records here in Russia. Thanks for being true."

"Can i begin by saying what an amazing release Moonlit Sailor's 'Colors In Stereo' is? It certainly is an awesome album. I was blown away with how good the album is, it has been on the stereo a lot this week for sure. Thanks to Moonlit Sailor for sharing your wonderful music and thanks to Deep Elm for releasing it."

"Hi, Just wanted to say I'm a big fan of deep elm records and have been for the past few years since I discovered The Appleseed Cast, Cross My Heart, Red Animal War, Pop Unknown and others on your label. I'm actually from England and over here its difficult to find new post rock/indie rock/emo bands because there just isn't a record label like yours and nearly all established labels are just interested in signing mainstream canned pop music. So just want to say you guys have done an amazing job with the label and your variety of music acts almost certainly prove this, so keep up the good work and I look forward to hopefully hearing new music to come. "

"Thank you for being a record label not afraid to 'get it'. So many other 'indie' labels wish they could be as smart as you all are, especially with the 'all digital' turnaround that you all have done. Brilliant move on every cognitive level. I've been a huge fan/supporter for more than 10 years now and have ordered stuff from you all throughout...the best music experience anywhere. You all at Deep Elm are WAY ahead of the game. I ordered the entire catalogue a few weeks ago and today, the new Ethienne debut album. My I-pod is happy until the end of time :)"

"Deep Elm Records has one of the best catalogs I have seen in a record label in quite some time. From known bands like The Appleseed Cast to upcoming stars like Desoto Jones, Moonlit Sailor and Goonies Never Say Die, Deep Elm knows what good music is. They stream practically every one of their albums on their site through Bandcamp, and allow many different purchasing options. If you like good Post-Rock, Emo, Punk, or Indie, check out many of the bands on the site. Deep Elm also has99 songs on samplers for Free!"

"I've been a huge fan of your output since 2001 since Records For The Working Class. Listening to Slowride's Building a Building right now as it happens! Love what you have done for music over the years, and look forward to loving what you continue to do for years to come."

"I feel that for all the years your releases have been the soundtrack to my life I should give something back and support the label that has made such an indelible impact on my life."

"I just wanted to say that I've been a big fan of a lot Deep Elm artists for a long time (some of my older faves being Brandtson, Camber, Appleseed Cast), and to say a big THANK YOU for staying true to your sound. All too often I see a lot of labels out there that will change their sound to fit what's trendy, but you're one of those that remains unscathed, and that's awesome. Some of my recent faves include Last Lungs, and I'm really diggin' Athleics! So again, thanks a lot, and keep up the great work!!!"

"Not many labels like Deep Elm left period. They are what is right about music."

"Thanks for lighting up my life by releasing such good music throughout the years."

"I'm no saint when it comes to illegal downloading. Although I did find one of your killer new releases on a bittorrent site, I went ahead and bought it on iTunes. It was your thoughtful essay on illegal downloading ( that prompted me to do so. In fact, I will be buying many more releases from independent artists than I have in the past specifically due to your essay. I was unaware of the issues prior to reading it, and your compelling comments helped me adjust my perspective. That's a good thing. Thank you for making it available for download at a high bitrate and a very reasonable price. I'll definitely be checking out more artists from Deep Elm thanks to your provision of free samplers on your site. Nice."

"I bought THE APPLESEED CAST's Mare Vitalis in Fall 1999 as a junior in college. It has always been a favorite. I listened to it while studying abroad in Spain and it's part of the soundtrack of my life. It hit me that - and I want you to know that - Mare Vitalis really is, in my humble, honest opinion - one of one of my favorite albums ever. THANK YOU, Deep Elm, for believing in, supporting, and releasing that album (and for Ring Wars, Low Level Owl, Race Car Riot, Camber, Brandtson, Clair De Lune, Lewis and others that have rocked my world as well)."

"I can't stand 90 to 95% of the music out today and good music is hard to find these days...but not on your label. Deep Elm helped pioneer the best music we have today. I can't thank you enough, for all the memories that I've had with your label and roster of bands."

"I appreciate your label, and all that you do - if not more than anyone, pretty close. I never have, and never will, doubt all the hard work you guys do at deep elm. It's greatly appreciated from my end, as well as from many others. You guys have many great bands. I plug your label whenever i can."

"Thanks for being an honest and truthful record label. We've all seen them come and go and you guys always keep it real. I've been a fan for 8 years and will continue to be. I still have the license plate frame from you guys on my car...and that was 8 years ago."

"Thanks for the killer deals, guys. You bring hope back to the world of music."

"I wish I had the words to express just how much Deep Elm means to me. You can just feel it in your music. It's like a life force, just reaching out and getting deep inside you, making you raw. I listen when I want to cry, I listen when I want to scream, I listen when I want to laugh, smile, shout. I tell all my friends about you, I think I've hooked each one on at least one band. Records for the Working Class changed my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

"yo i just want to say congrats on keeping this label alive and evolving without conforming to one musical genre. the once-great equal vision now relies on a slew of screamo clones with metal riffs. the bands on this label kept me going through high school (mainly the old crew - brandtson, AC, cross my heart). and now i continue to find great diverse indie rock - latterman, fightstar, sounds like violence. the scene is huge right now, but it's good to see indie labels like deep elm keep it real and find the truly great bands among the crowded genres. thanks."

"I would consider your label one of the best indie labels out there, on par with Alternative Tentacles and No Idea Records. You guys are the only ones who still carry true original heartfelt music. Its so hard to find original bands now. The radio sucks. Deep elm, crank and revelation still have some good old school bands. Please dont let this music die like so many others did. In ten years i hope i can still look on this site and see the exact same music. You guys have done great. What more could i ask for? Rock on."

"Deep Elm has become my favorite label of all, and now most of my favorite bands exist on Deep Elm. Everything from the chaotic insanity and intense anger of Sounds Like Violence to the relaxing calmness and soothing melodies of Surrounded; all of it is so perfect. Never has music enthralled me so deep. So mystical, so beautiful, so powerful. These talented bands conjure the strongest, truest emotions within me and fill me with the greatest passion of sound and music. And just as great is the uniquity and independence. Even far better than Initial, Uprising, Eulogy, One Day Savior, and Equal Vision put together. "

"i just wanted to let you know that i think, honestly, that Deep Elm records is the best record company around. for a long time, i was blinded by the media and money of other labels that produced records even of lesser quality. i wanted to thank you for signing some of *the* most amazing bands in the world. i really enjoy all you guys do for being the regular guys. i hope everything you envision for your company comes true. i just wanted to let you guys know that i truly appreciate you guys. i hope you are around for many years to come...stay strong, stay true."

"i'm so grateful for your music and i can only express my gratitude towards your label because it holds so many albums that are dear to my heart. without your label i would be in such a different world today then i need to be in. i decided to get this tattoo because deep elm is something that changed my life and it deserves confirmation. dying with this on me forever is the expression of gratitude i give your bands and your label. thanks for everything and all of the eclectic inspirations you give me."

"Thank you Deep Elm for putting out music that has so thoroughly changed my life and influenced me in the past couple of years. Thank you for music that I've cried to..that I've lived to..that opened my eyes for so many that made me know that I'm not alone. "

"You guys and Dischord have images of complete individuality, which is much more than can be said for the majority of other, more generic "Indie Labels" in this scene. Its inspiring to see how you have ridden the waves of past years, without compromising ethics or quality. It is just as inspiring, if not more, to see kids with Appleseed Cast tattoos and Logh shirts, and to talk to other people who feel like "emo" has changed their lives... to see people who view this music as a legitimate subculture and social movement, rather than as some sort of corporate fad."

"I just want to take some time to thank you guys for starting one of the greatest labels out there. You guys have really come a long way since Œ96. It has been fun seeing the progression of Deep Elm from then to now. I own every single Deep Elm release and they are all works of art. There definitely is a deep elm sound, but each record that deep elm puts out expands the limits of that sound. There are no limits really. The creative juices and energy keeps flowing. That is why every record is so damn amazing. The new sampler is out of this world. I am continually impressed by every band that releases an album with you guys. Thank you for releasing such great records."

"enduring praise. your label boasts the most consistently passionate group of musicians that i have ever encountered. even other so-called "indie" labels that i've tried have not withstood the test of commercialism or time. everyone on deep elm practices what you preach. every band i've seen from deep elm gives their whole soul over to the music during shows. me and my best friend shout lyrics from muckafurgason when any phrase applies to the present situation. we sing the songs of appleseed cast and pop unknown on the streets on our adventure days. when i found out that my fiance had a rare disease, i put on deep elm record after deep elm record, and cried. no other music would have captured what i felt that night. everyone else sucks compared to you. your music is in the background for the stage on which i play my life. thank you so much for all the flowers of the field..."

"Hey... wonderful job with this record company... i think you're the only great one still standing strong."

"Hey hey Deep Elm! I was going through my favorite cd's the other day and was astonished how many have come off the Deep Elm label. You truly are the heart of the indie scene, pumping life through the veins of fans across the world. "

"DEEP ELM! oh my gosh this label is the bomb. every time I get a chance to hear a band from this label, I love them. right now planes mistaken for stars, appleseed cast, and of course brandtson have been spinning in my cd player non stop. thanks for being what you are. I am not a huge fan of "scenes" or any kind of musical "image" - but deep elm produces records that speak to the heart and in a creative way I can't quite explain. thanks for rocking regardless of cliches."

"Okay, so it's nearly 3am and I've just come back from a night out and I'm possibly a tiny bit drunk. Before I go to bed, I'm listening to the Appleseed Cast in my room at university and I just felt that I had to email you guys to say once and for all how much I love your label. I guess I am pretty much a Deep Elm novice, I have only fairly recently been privileged to be introduced to the amazing stuff you guys put out, but rest assured, it is some of the most relevant and exciting music I have ever heard in my life. Sincere thanks for all you do to make sure this music can be heard by as many as possible and I will try my very best to make sure anyone I meet who might be interested in the music of Deep Elm takes the opportunity to check it out. Once again I thank you for all the work you've done, and thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, albeit a little bit long. The statement in the booklet on the "Emo is awesome, Emo is evil" CD is exactly what I am looking for, and I want you to know that it is everything I believe that a record label should be. Thank you for all the work you do in the industry, putting out great record after record, no matter what happens. I among countless others appreciate the work you do and are forever indebted to you. Once again, thank you for everything."

"when i first started listening to songs from deep elm bands, i actually remember feeling a bit awkward because i wasn't used to feeling so much emotion and honesty in music before. that was only a year and a half ago at the most, and now i own nearly all of the deep elm releases. i can honestly say that i am a richer man because of what this kind of music has done to change me emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. i would like to extend as much gratitude as i possibly can to benton falls, brandtson, camber, appleseed cast, cross my heart, starmarket, red animal war, and of course, deep elm."

"ME: I was his shadow. His steps, his heartbeats and his mystery....He was so familiar to me but also so far to close.Then one night my life was changed..My life was turned into him. He was wearing a deep elm t-shirt. And I dared to ask him this question: "I'm sure but do you listen Appleseed Cast?" And in one week we decided to marry. And the untitled song in the album "The end of the ring wars" is my whole feelings about him. I just want to say thank you for your amazing music and being a path to find my missing part. Bye... HIM: Since '99 you are the best shield I've ever used against to all people who tried to f*ck me over and to everything happened in the world. You gave all the pieces that are broken off me. You added me so many things in every minute. The person who will be with me any time hereafter approached me with your leading role. You perform the soundtrack of my life. Thanks..."

"my favourite record label ever. responsible for so much happiness in my life. the most beautiful music in the world."

"I love Deep Elm records. It is my favorite label. I got into punk a while ago, and Deep Elm made me look at music differently. What an amazing life-changing label it is! I just wanted to let you know that the TYTD compilation helped me get through a real tough time in my life. I've been diagnosed as manic depressive and it's amazing how much music can reach out to someone. Thank you for working with AFSP. I have gotten more help, talked to more people and have made some new friends."

"stumbling across deep elm was a discovery i had no idea would have such an impact on my life. honestly. i have a tremendous amount of respect for this record label and for each and every band on here. your work ethic is more than commendable, it's revolutionary in the current music industry of capitalism and making the bigger buck. i have dreams of working in the underground music scene, helping the little bands who are just as amazing as mainstream ones, and you folks at deep elm are now my role models for the future. thank you, for the music you have provided to the world, for the help you have given to the musicians on this label, for not compromising in the face of capitalism, and for holding on to the indie work ethic. keep up the good work, because i know you won't disappoint my high expectations for this label in the future. "

"Deep Elm is the best record label out there. Great bands, consistently awesome releases and the best merchandise I've seen this side of the Mississippi. You guys are a million times better than Saddle Creek, who won't admit to being emo but has a band like Bright Eyes weeping all over the place. I love Deep Elm!"

"not only is deep elm the greatest, truest label today. your bands have gotten me out of a lot of horrible times. thank you for being so amazing. you mean a lot to the indie community."

"To start things off I'd like to say that I truly admire what you are doing and have done through Deep Elm Records. It's refreshing to see someone with a passion for music and a desire to share it with the world. The bands you support are all, in my opinion, extremely talented and gifted beyond words. I commend you for the work you are doing in the music world."

"To put down into writing what Deep Elm, John and the Bands involved on the label do is an impossibility. Being a 100 percent independent label devoid of trite, lame, and weak music is incredible. Congratulations you have captured beautiful raw emotions into the most melodic subsonic bliss. As This Beautiful Mess would are the soundtrack of my life. Thank you so much. My words fail me at such a time of gratitude. "

"Deep Elm, your provocative, insightful music touches me in a special way every single day of my life."

"deep elm is undoubtedly the most moving and sincere record label that i have ever stumbled across. thank you so much for doing what you do, because you do it so well. i admire all of your hard work and the responsibility you have chosen to take upon yourselves to give the regular kids, like me, a chance at greatness through the beauty of music. the music you have chosen to base yourselves and your company upon moves me. and isn't that what music is all about? thank you from the deepest depths of my soul. stay true."

"First off, Deep Elm continues to put out some of the best records I have ever heard. There are very few Deep Elm records that don't move me. I am very impressed with the newer releases and i am sure that you guys will continue to put out powerful records."

"i am in awe of you guys. deep elm has to be the greatest indie label ever. so many good bands, so little time. i am very pleased to see you focusing on the heart and not letting politics muddy everything. thanks."

"try to listen to lots of different music, and try to find good bands and my way of doing this is trying to find cool record labels, and see all the bands they are a part of. i like Caulfield, sub pop, saddle creek, jade tree, and some others, but i realize that Deep Elm has so much more to offer than these other places and is much more personal. not a lot of places have all this cool merchandise, a big selection of music, samplers anyone could afford, contests, pictures and information about all the bands. That's why you all will always be the best indie/emo/post punk record label out there. keep up the great work!!! "

"Deep Elm is the real thing when it comes to indie music. I appreciate it so much for being real and true to the heart of music that it's all about the way it moves people, not about popularity. I know when I want to hear a new band or experience something new, I come to Deep Elm. Thank you very much Deep Elm and bands for being awesome!"

"My name is Matthew, I am a true fan of your label for a plethora of reasons but mainly two: your label is about music, and the way it can change your life. When I was 15 years old, I was on the verge of suicide, I was very depressed, I had about three friends and had no way of releasing my anger and energy. When I saw a great show by Benton Falls at the Bottle Rocket in Toledo, i realized that I to can have an effect on people through music. What I am mainly saying is thank you for putting so much talent into the world. Also, this label is the only 100% Independent label that I know of. I am now sixteen and I have turned my life around. So once again thank you for making and producing such great music."

"i love you guys.. you have done so much to influence my musical taste. anyway, just wanted to let you all know you are doing wonders for the next generation of music.. keep up the good work. thanks."

"Deep Elm is very consistent in bringing me the best music around. It's very reassuring to have such meaningful music in a time of such a mindless mainstream. The Deep Elm bands are the most talented musicians out there... Just like when you hear a song that you love and you just thank that musician for creating it. And somehow this world wouldn't be the same if that song was never written. That's Deep Elm's music in a nutshell."

"I'm been a fan of punk music for years and the music and creativity your bands produce seem like the logical extension and next step of the "punk" mentality. I like the sound and the fury. Your label has made me excited about music again. Thanks. "Thank you so much for providing the world with the opportunity to experience brilliance in music."

"Keep crankin' out good bands and good music. My sadness in times of trouble have been turned to smiles and the knowledge that I'm not alone. Ever. Thanks a bunch."

"Why is it that the power of music that is spouted from bands such as camber, cross my heart, and pop unknown..rock so much? I know it sounds like a daft question, but, its almost that like these bands come to fruition because of fate. I just find it incredibly intriguing that people like this can sing such soft redirect and divulge there emotions and desires to all of us that have the inflection to be frustrated with desire, and those who tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves. And you must have been coined for a reason, a generous man who is willing to let everyone hear the music and change the pride of those who are willing to take you up on that offer and let themselves listen to this music. Kudos!"

"first of all, major kudos to your label and work. I really admire the strength and effort it takes to get a label to the level you're at, keep it indie, and put out great stuff. Not every label can say the same on all three counts. "

"The integrity and love of music make Deep Elm what it is. Thanks."

"It struck me the other day just how unique and precious Deep Elm Records is. I've noticed through interaction with some of your bands that they also proudly display the true indie, DIY spirit that is dying a death to which the majority of music consumers are unabashedly ungrateful. I take pride in being a Deep Elm listener, and at every chance I get, try to spread the good news of the DIY ethic and the spirit of indie rock. Thank you for being real."

"I appreciate the honesty and integrity Deep Elm seems to carry within it's musical production and its overall outlook and purpose. I am continually impressed with the albums I buy and the appreciation / interest deep elm has with its customers. As a student pursuing a career in the music industry, the label definitely serves as an example of eliminating the barriers between "the biz" and its consumers. "

"thank you for your gift to us. music is life and you give it like blood."

"I just wanted to take a second and say thanks. Deep Elm has been around for a while, cranking out music while refusing to compromise on your obvious standard of high quality. Call it indie, emo, pop, rock, or whatever you like, but it all reaches out to those unspoken to places inside. Not only do you support the powerhouse rockers such as Camber, Appleseed Cast, Planes Mistaken For Stars, etc., you also extend a hand out to those incredible, yet undiscovered bands on each chapter of the Emo Diaries. You don't even ask us to take new bands on faith, instead you put out incredibly affordable sampler cds full of great music, so that we can hear for ourselves. To top it all off, you offer SUPERB mailorder directly from you. Why pay more from any record store when I can deal with all of the friendly folks at Deep Elm? I know of no other label who puts so much into making the people who buy their music feel so appreciated. I'm sure that you'll keep up the creative and honest adventure known as Deep Elm Records for years to come. So, here's to all of you. Thanks a million and more."

"I just wanted to say that Deep Elm is one of the best record labels out there. Every release I hear from you guys rawks. I'm glad that there are still labels out there like you guys that still care about music and not how to make as much money as possible. Thanx."

"my favorite label, by far, is Deep Elm. i can't believe the high quality music that you guys put out. i feel the music."

"I just wanted to email you guys to tell you how much I admire your record company, I absolutely love everything you guys have put out so far and look forward to seeing many more releases in the future. It's nice to know that there is at least one label out there in the underground that doesn't ever give up on it's ethics, and signs music that has passion and individuality instead of the usual posing and trend following. I just want to thank you for sharing your passion for the music with me for the short period of time your label has been around. Your passion has rekindled my passion for the music and for all the things that go into it and keeping it indie all the time without copping out to the sleazy world of the major labels. Keep up the good work you guys."

"you run a great label and all the music that is on your label is great. There is the shining ray of emo and indie rock that your label is so great to make and distribute. i just wish you the best and i will support your label the best i can. i love the music. but once again, i would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. "

"I really, really respect the integrity and ethics of this label. You really do seem to be "for the working class" and it's very refreshing."

"I'm very happy to know that Deep Elm's people really respect your fans. You waste your time and write me, answer my questions and make me believe that the 'underground scene' just needs a little more union to work better. Thank you very much, and congratulations to you and Deep Elm Records."

"Thank you! from all the people who appreciate heart-felt, emotional, quality, and all together stirring music. Deep Elm records is a sweet relief from all the crap that radio, television, media and culture attempts to pass off as music."

"I wanted to thank Deep Elm for signing such cool bands. The bands you sign really do mean something to people. That's what music is supposed to be about right? Striking a chord in your soul and meaning something to you? Well Deep Elm has done that to me and more!"

"Everything you have done with deep elm is just so absolutely great. And, it means so much to me that there are actually people like you out there doing stuff like this. I don't think there is any other label out there with your degree of honestly, integrity, and sincerity."

"I would like to thank you for answering all of my e-mails in the past. Deep Elm really is what is claims... a people oriented company."

"I thank all of you for creating the most heart warming, soulful, creative, and beautiful music in the world. "

"Thank you for bringing tears to my eyes and goose bumps to my body. You guys are simply amazing."

"Best label out there - Gods gift to music."

"I have come to the conclusion that stumbling upon Deep Elm records is the closest thing to a religious experience i have had in a long time. Every note of every song shoots shivers up my spine. Thank you for being true to the heart of music and producing music that carries that torch. Keep up the good work."

"I just wanted to say that I think everything that you have accomplished is so inspirational to me, my band, and a lot of my friends. We all believe that the best way for us to express our emotions is through music, and we really appreciate the way that you join so many great bands, and their thoughts and feelings through their music. So thank you for doing what you do. Just another face in the crowd."

"I commend Deep Elm to the highest degree. I respect everything that they believe in. They know how to keep it real and tell the truth by the universal language of music. any song I listen to sends tingles down my spine. The lyrics, meanings and understandings make me feel emotions that occur few to none. The music takes me to another place to escape and remember who I really am and what I mean. Please don't ever stop making the Emo Diaries. Thank you Deep Elm for making me remember the true me."

"I just wanted to thank all of you for being able to maintain such a high level of integrity. I appreciate the fact that you haven't sold yourselves to the popular culture and continued to provide for a smaller market. I want you to know that your work has not gone unappreciated and I hope that all of you find joy and fulfillment in the work that you do so well."

"Well, I wanted to write to you guys to let you know that I just don't think this is one of the best labels, I know it is. I know because you guys are loyal to your bands and your customers and I thank you for that. Your commitment to us kids is more than you will ever know. You have been true to your customers, bands and the whole scene. I can't even express how much this record label, with the amazing bands has opened my mind to music. I see music in a whole different way. You guys are more than you will ever know. Thank you."

"The Emo Diaries - what a fuckin idea - let's document this emotional thing that's growing ever so brilliantly in our states, in our neighborhoods, in our garages. I am in love with these compilations, and this site is only igniting my love further."

"oh my GOD!!!!!! Deep Elm is absolutely astonishing as a cohesive unit. A true pro job through and through! I am ALL ABOUT the little guys and Deep Elm has got it together. Very nice stuff you guys are doing over there. Seriously. Keep it up!! there needs to be more labels like you!"

"i love this music, the passion, the sound, and the feeling it gives are amazing!"

"I have much respect for your operation. Deep Elm is definitely one of the strongest indie labels that I know of. I admire the way you run things."

"deep elm is one of the only labels that i have personally been in contact with that truly believes and cares for the bands and the integrity of the label itself. it's probably the best thing that has happened to a lot of bands."

"i've been listening and following the progression of deep elm for two years now and i truly believe that the music put out by this label has dramatically influenced my own music and the way i perceive the music of others. I have experienced emo in the true sense of the word, through emotions brought on by the melody and power of the music itself. i think many people have lost that passion and it disturbs me. once again thank you for allowing me to open my mind and my heart, and by all means keep distributing the kind of music that can make me cry."

"I just wanted to tell you guys that its great that you offer an alternative to the crappy mainstream music that invades the radios. Deep elm is definitely the best overall label I've ever heard and has some of the most amazing bands around. I also think its great that you give every band that sends you a demo a chance and at least listen to all of them. Its great to know as a dorky little emo musician that there are some records labels out there that care about the music and not about the money. Thank you so very much for deepelm records. "

"I've never in my life been so enthusiastic about music, and it is all in great part to this label. Never before has music sounded so pure and so true. It comes from the heart, and it is appreciated my the many fans out there. Keep up the outstanding work."

"I just think you guys have the best label on the planet at this current time. I say this because I have never bought a release on your label that I didn't love or think was absolutely incredible. Thanks again for having such an amazing label with such amazing bands that someone like myself and countless others can really appreciate. You put a smile on my face with every new release."

"Seriously, you guys are the best label out there. You have the best taste in music with your roster of amazing don't have even have one band that is simply ok..they are all extremely talented. And your website has everything. As a listener I appreciate all the little deals your mail order has. I mean I just can't say anything bad about you guys...and that's probably the biggest compliment you could ever receive."

"You guys have changed my life in a lot of ways, your music hits home with me and without it, i honestly don't know what i would do. Keep up the good work guys. i will always be a faithful fan. After all the things you guys have done for me it's the only way i can pay you guys back."

"Talk about sound - spirit - fury - fire. I'm really impressed by deep elm. You hear a lot about how reputable other indie labels are, and for a while I remained really indifferent to all the indie labels, but the line has been drawn, and deep elm takes the cake. "All of the Deep Elm bands I have heard are simply amazing; heart wrenching. The best collection of good quality music I have seen from any label. "

"just wanted to say that i am a big deep elm fan. this is the best record label in the world. it has everything....great bands (the best bands i've ever heard!), amazing mail order (with great prices), friendly crew, and not to mention all the kid followers (some of them are getting on a bit....but we're all kids). anyway...thanks for all this great music and keep up all the good work....stay real and true! the web site is amazing. the bands are amazing. the label, is simply... unreal. this is what i've been looking for in a label for a long time. truly an inspiration. stay strong. and stay a great label for years to come."

"you guys have been like brothers to me the last few months. what i mean by "you guys have been like brothers", is because you have been here for me one no one else could (even though you don't know it). see i have the worst fear of being outside and just being in public, i always think that people are making fun of me or laughing at me... but i just put on my earphones and let your music take me home, and it brings me home safe every night, i melt away and forget about everything and just listen to the best music i have ever heard. you guys are an inspiration to me. i just wanted to let you know. thanks a lot."

"I have yet to encounter a record label with the sincere love for good music as well as a true honest concern for the emotion conveyed in such music. Thank you Deep Elm for opening me up to everything that is beautiful created by voice, strings, and drums."

"I just wanted to let you guys know what a great job you are doing in showing people the great bands that are out there. You give hope and opportunity to hard working musicians that want to share what they do best: Music. Sometimes it is difficult for people to acknowledge some of the great bands that are out there. Deep elm changes this and gives new meaning to what music means to our hearts and the people who listen to it."

"i somehow stumbled upon deep elm a few months ago. i was just in awe. never before had i heard such insanely good music. i knew there was no turning back. deep elm has stolen my heart."

"great stuff. deep elm actually gives me a little more faith for honest and true music today. keep up the good work."

"One of the most misunderstood cliche's in life is the 180 degree turn. This term is so overused that it is commonplace to hear several times a day. But to experience this phrase in real life is something much larger. There was a day in the not-so-distant past that I hated indie, hated everything those dumb-ass emo kids stood for. If you didn't have a hawk, go home, you pussy. You're not sXe?? Lick *ss. I was cold, unforgiving, godless, ruthless... nothing that outside the norm for my crew and I. But experiencing, first-hand, the passion, the fury, the fire, and the genuineness of the music, my world view was changed. I discovered I had feelings, emotions, and even more amazing, I was human. The method I came across this music was through my friends at Deep Elm. With bands like Planes, Appleseed Cast, Pop Unknown and Camber, among others, you keep it real in a media consumed with selfishness, excess and shallowness. Brothers and sisters, stay true."

"Your label is honestly the best label out there that I have ever heard . You are so reliable. Thank you for being the greatest record label in the post hardcore scene!"

"I am a huge fan of Deep Elm and the music you put out. I think that there is not a label anywhere that can match the incredible albums you guys consistently release. "

"Congratulations on Deep Elm. I feel as though that statement is sufficient. The pride and love that Deep Elm maintains for their bands and their family is motivating and welcome in this business-heavy art form we call music. Keep up the incredible work. I Look forward to hearing all of the new releases."

"For the record, I think you label consistently puts together some of the best quality music around. The comps are great and I'm a big fan of many of your bands such as Appleseed Cast and White Octave. Keep up the good work; it's good to know there's people out there who appreciate music that's true and believe in spreading it just for the love of it."

"Hello all at deep elm. First and foremost, I want to thank you, ALL OF YOU, for doing such a great job. This is the most consistent, precise label in the biz. Your records rock, and your theories connect. I immediately fell in love with Deep Elm. I really love the whole scene, and I'm not afraid to say that I am a part of it. There definitely is a movement going on, and for those of us that are lucky enough to be aware of it, it will only get better. Thank you again, deep elm"

"youīre just the are there are so many good bands on one label? so people at deep elm, thanks a lot for signing all these good bands, itīs the soundtrack of my life."

"The more I listen to Deep Elm bands, the more I enjoy and celebrate the existence of this independent label. The open submission policy of the emo diaries I think especially is an important one. Giving unsigned (and signed) bands the publicity the emo diaries offers, I believe, is significant to keeping the independent spirit alive in music and keeps the scene fresh. This attitude towards new music, in addition, also gives the music fan (i.e. ME and other such lovers of oh so good music) new music and bands to enjoy and listen to. Keep up the good work."

"Deep Elm is the best label in the music biz right now! Amazing bands, keeping it true and not following the commercialized stuff, its heart warming to know that you're saving real music! Keep it real."

"what can i say! i think you guys have the most talented bands i have heard. Deep Elm has helped me through a tough period in my life and i just wanted to say thanks!!!! i wish you guys the best of luck. thanks for your help."

"Deep Elm is the embodiment of all that a record label should be and should stand for. Reading through this site brought back my love for the music scene and respect for that matter. I thoroughly believe all that you have mentioned throughout your site, I thank you so much for providing such strong tidings towards nonconformity and darn good music!!! "

"I just felt compelled to give credit where credit is due. It has been almost three years since i heard my first Deep Elm recording and never have I been so excited about a record labels bands. Having played alongside several of your bands it is evident that not only is your crew excellent at making music, but also genuinely great people with integrity. Its just a great thing that you have going with Deep Elm. I sincerely hope that Deep Elm is blessed beyond comprehension in the years to come..."

"Deep Elm in one word - 'EXCELLENT!'... i'm amazed that a word-of-mouth label could leak into a small suburb, and produce the most amazing music. seriously, you guys have changed my views and feelings so much, and through music."

"You guys release the most consistently brilliant music I've ever heard. Deep Elm is a label that is as dedicated and pure as Deep Elm. Thank you so much for everything you do. It makes a difference to a lot of people's lives."

"Deep Elm kicks ass and keep up the good work. I would like to say thanks for putting out the greatest music i have ever heard in my life. I cannot wait to hear more. "

"I love this record label more than any other record label that I have ever come in contact with and i really enjoy the music that is put out through deep elm. I am moved by the amazing sounds of all the bands and i am glad to know that they are doing well. "

"Wow...i'm totally blown away by you guys...the quality, the musicians, the music, the merch.., the atmosphere, and especially the attitude is absolutely amazing! this is absolute rare. you're genius!! keep up the Rad work guys! i'll always be a Deep Elm fan!"

"Deep Elm is everything that I have ever asked for in a label, all that you stand for brings me to tears! It makes me happy to see the independent scene alive and well with tons of followers!!"

"Thank you so much for your dedication to releasing music that you believe in. without record labels such as yours, these amazing bands would rarely have the opportunity to touch listeners outside of their local "scene." for what it's worth...thank you for allowing these bands to share their stories, thoughts, and hearts with fans around the country. keep up the outstanding work that you have carried out these last few years."

"Well, I feel the need to express to you guys how great deep elm is. Excellent bands, quality merchandise at nice prices, true value of its fans, etc, etc; deep elm is the best label I have had the luck of coming across. deep elm offers the ultimate bands of the genre. I love melodic, emotional, complex music. It just has so much power to it. bands conveying their feelings through the medium of music is unmatched; the instrumentation and incredible lyrics and vocals come together perfectly; neither one is out shined by the other, and they are both amazing in and of themselves. "

"Deep Elm is the greatest label I have been lucky enough to discover. This music is so powerful in expression, and I have always been a fan of melodic, emotional music. The complexity and beautiful, honest lyrics of some of these bands' music just floor me. Lightyears better than anything played on the radio today... Thanks and keep up the good work..."

"I'm proud to have watched Deep Elm grow from early on. Thank you for discovering the soundtrack to my life, since then."

"I'd like to express my deepest and warmest of thanks Deep Elm. Your label has not only shown me what beauty is. Every single band on your label shows what true emotion is from the bottom of their hearts. And for that I must thank them also for continually putting out records of such grandeur yet at the same time expressing the most personal things of what they experience without shame. Thank you Deep Elm and everything you stand for. "

"deep elm is one of my favourite indie labels... fiercely independent and relentlessly emotional music... excellent stuff!"

"i just want to say that deep elm records is the best label ever - with all of my favorite bands. its true when you say that "if the stars had a sound it would sound like this" and the emo diaries and the samplers are the perfect compilations - and cds in general - to display that and really just to ever be produced. every artist on the deep elm label writes such beautiful and emotional lyrics - not to mention that they all play their instruments like gods and have voices like angels - and i do honestly mean that about every one of deep elms artist. thanks to deep elm and the bands on the label for changing my life with all the sound-spirit-fury-and fire of their music."

"deep elm is amazing. you guys keep it true. i know these bands will be around for a long time and i know deep elm will keep it going because of all the hard work everyone puts in to it. thank you for opening my eyes and expanding the wings of my heart. "

"It seems that every Deep Elm band I listen to is superiorly unique compared to other bands/labels i have searched. it is like medicine for our souls. most of all thanks!"

"deep elm has always been and always will be the best label on the planet..."

"there is no doubt in my mind that deep elm is the greatest label ever. period."

"Thanks for all the inspirational music you've released over the past few years-it means a lot to me!:) lots of love."

"Deep Elm is incredibly unique and the bands translate feeling directly into music like no others around. Thanks for finding these bands and keeping them aboard and selling their music at a reasonable price with quality hallmark Deep Elm service. Yes, I know that sounds contrived, but what the hell: it's the best way to say it. "

"deep elm never ceases to amaze me...i have yet to find an album that didn't give me some sort of emotions that i can truly relate to. every time i go to the record store and look for a cd i know i can get another deep elm release and leave feeling confident that i will be pleased with my decision. "

"Deep Elm has put out some of the most amazing bands that I've ever had the opportunity to hear. The bands on Deep Elm are so very talented. They pull every emotion one could possibly feel out oneself, sometimes in a single song. In a world of strong facades, the music represented by Deep Elm makes it okay for us to cry. In my case, it has gotten me through some tough times- knowing that someone else has felt this way or that before, and they're okay. Your music is much appreciated worldwide. Not to mention, it gives me a reason to take pride in being from North Carolina. Keep up the phenomenal work, and stay strong. Rock. "

"I think that both the music and service provided by the label are amazing. I truly hope to enjoy more for years to come. I will remain a loyal fan as well as a loyal customer. keep it alive. "

"Thanks Deep Elm for introducing me to music that moves you - everything else seems pale in comparison to the wide range of bands you have on your roster. Keep doing what you are doing and thanks for everything."

"I would like to thank you Deep Elm for saving my life. Giving me expression and a dream. Showing me how true talent can inspire me though touching me and interacting with me as a listener. Teaching me ways of dealing with feelings so rattling and powerful that they intimidate the heart into submission. The very heart and soul that expresses and feels these emotions. "

"God bless you for bringing beautiful music to the people."

"i love deep elm. itīs the soundtrack to my longest winter and my deepest depression, my happiest smile and my life. deep elm is my life."

"Hey, just gotta say Deep Elm is the greatest record label out there; it never ceases to release top quality music and stays close to its fans - truly a label for the people. Keep up the good work and continue making people happy. thank you so much."

"I'm just mailing to thank you for having such a mighty record label in terms of the quality of your acts. Having bought your 3rd sampler, it caused me to buy 11 albums by various artists off it, due to their sheer brilliance. But yeah, thanks for keeping great bands alive on the scene. A great big thank you from my friends and I. Keep up the great work!"

"I just wanted to let you know that I love Deep Elm and all the bands I've heard thus far, and I have no doubts that I will love the rest of the Deep Elm lineup. I was, and have been, so impressed, that when I receive my latest shipment, I will be the proud owner of at least 15 Deep Elm albums. I have no intentions of stopping. I'm very excited!! Keep up the great work."

"Can't get enough of deep elm! any superlative one would care to use to describe it would be left reaching higher in an attempt to explain its awesomeness. ok that didn't really make sense. but yeah thanks a lot; top stuff. much appreciated and keep up the great work as the best record label around."

"Thank you. Just thank you. I can not even begin to tell you what an impact the music you release has had on me as both a person and a songwriter. I have tremendous respect for a label that is as inclusive and unapologetic in terms of bands and style. Believe it or not music like this had made me fearless and unapologetic for how/what I do and the person I am. I am indebted to you and wish to support you any way possible. Thank you."

"the music created by the group of people associated within deep elm is indescribable. passionate, melancholy, emotionally delivered. excellent music from an excellent record company, if this is what 100% independent can deliver, i want more. thank you deep elm."

"I'd like to start this out by thanking you. music is my dream, my infatuation, everything to me. my heart races, and my hands shake just thinking about it. what you have done at deep elm is simply amazing. you've put together so many sensational, truthful, touching bands-and on the emo diaries have released scores of others excellent bands. already your bands have had a huge impact on my life, and my views on a number of things. don't stop. don't ever stop."

"i really can not put in words on how your music makes me feel. Just know that there are kids out there that love every second of every song so don't stop..."

"Deep Elm, has for five years, and will continue to be, for many more to come, a label that continues to move with the evolutionary and progressive ebb and flow of the scene allowing their artists, and ultimately, their forum to explode onto the streets. Thank you..."

"deep elm is something that is of the purest intent, and in this industry, qualities like that are hard to find."

"music has been a very important factor in my life. it's helped me through many of life's troubles. i always used it as a gateway to a better place, and more and more recently i find myself putting in a release off of deep elm. i would like to thank you, it means more than you know."

"This label is simply incredible. Deep Elm is by far the best indie label out there. You guys are doing a fantastic job in every aspect. Keep up the excellent work. Thank you for putting out such profound music. There is nothing I'd rather be listening to."

"brilliant label, the stuff you put out never ceases to amaze me. in the UK its hard to find any bands that match these. the UK scene has long been destroyed by corporate whores targeting young audiences. its refreshing that there are bands somewhere that continue to evolve and create joy for the people whom they mean so much to. deep elm keep up the work you'll never realize what you do to the fans."

"I just wanted to write and say thank you so much. In the past few weeks I've been fortunate enough to see both Brandtson and Appleseed Cast, two incredible bands that rarely ever make it out to the west coast. The Cast show was so delicate and ethereal I was getting teary eyed into the second song (Signal). You were dead on: this is music that not only inspires all of us dreamers, but also stirs passion between intimates (I could seriously see Owl material being played at my wedding). Brandtson exceeded any expectations I had of their live set. That signature balance of emotion and aggression had me in a state of euphoria. I've been wanting to see this band for three years now and the experience was, without a doubt, worth far beyond any length of waiting. Kudos on getting these bands out to northern CA. Congrats Deep Elm. Despite the drone of grunt work you've helped in creating my best summer ever!"

"i have been a fan of a lot of your bands for some time now, but never really looked through the site much. i've spent hours now, reading everything, and you know actually kept my attention for that long because of the enormous breath of freshly independent air each page brought upon me. its this focus on teamwork and do-it-yourself that i never expected to be so prevalent of a label concern. i say this because most DIY operations are reflected as just that in what can be considered (by industry standards which are usually far off in the clouds anyway) as poor quality output, so, seeing the attention to artistry and development of all aspects of all deep elm releases, coupled with the fervor of a true independent label, i believe you are truly revolutionary. the infusion of ethics into success, quality into quantity, and personality into business render all other label philosophies, in my humble opinion, utterly hopeless in the wake of the marks you continue to make. deep elm is cutting us the path. thank you for just being you."

"Deep Elm puts out the best music and the most original bands. you all show that all the bands on this label are individual and you support that. its so awesome to know that this label doesn't put their bands into boxes and make them be something they are not. thanks for all the great music over the years."

"You guys are a breathe of fresh air in the music industry. With all of the garbage that is being passed on the radio and with Indie Music becoming more and more popular, you guys at Deep Elm give music fans a reason to keep buying music. Thank You Deep Elm!"


"You guys are by far the best record company ever. I have like 30 of your albums. Whoever is in charge of signing your bands is the king. Thank you for making my life better."

"Huge Deep Elm fan. I am spreading the good news through out the Mediterrean as I am deployed right now. Please keep cranking out the awesome music, you are helping your military through their days as we fight the war. Thanks..."

"I absolutely love how every record that comes out seems to get further and further from the mainstream. And when you buy a emo diary you get so much diversity and to me that is exciting."

"Deep Elm has been such an inspiration to me. Your music has never failed is always exactly what I need. Thank you for everything. Please don't ever stop."

"Providing the soundtrack to my life. thanks! best to you."

"amazing, absolutley amazing. your music is completely beautiful and i've already told my friends about it. Brandtson, The Appleseed Cast, Benton this is what i've been looking for. thanks..."

"This is the best record company, ever. I praise every band for being so good, and the company for carrying them. Thank you for everything that you will never know you did."

"...I wanted to tell you that you have the best sounding recordings of any indie label..."

"Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for doing what you do. It's a rare thing now-a-days to find people who are genuinely interested in making other people happy, and not in making money. Deep Elm is by far the finest label around, and it comes through in the great music you release. I know if its on your label it rocks, thanks for being indie. "

"I happened upon your site just looking for some good new music and haven't been able to leave. Thanks for giving good bands a platform that actually means something and has the respect music deserves."

"love what the label is doing. love the music and what all of this stands for. just when i lost all hope in music i stumbled onto the appleseed cast and realized music isn't dead yet .what you guys put out is art and i respect everything you're doing. if i had more money i would definitely buy more stuff. keep up the good work and thank you very much."

"You guys run a really good label and clearly know what you're doing unlike all the other poser labels. I've been into punk and emo for a long time and I recently bought Emo Is Awesome/Emo Is Evil and it totally blew me away. Thank you for giving someone who constantly needs new music a to speak."

"I want to thank you guys for introducing me to a lot of incredibly beautiful music, it means a lot more than you could ever know, well actually you may, but it means more to me than sensible words can describe, as you can tell."

"i am glad to see a label concerned with the most important thing, the music. the bands you represent and the music they make, mean so much to me and everything i am. keep it real. "

"I just bought a deep elm sampler a couple weeks ago. I love it. I had heard of many of the bands, and heard a few of their songs, but I never recognized who it was. I think your record label is probably one of the best, if not the best out there. I got into Appleseed Cast a little over a year ago, they rock. My favorite is probably Brandtson though. Keep up the awesome work. "Wow. That's all i can really say is wow. I've been disappointed so much in "punk rock" music lately that i just stopped listening to it. Its all become so trendy its just not original anymore and then i walked into a record store and i saw your Emo Is Awesome sampler and i was just like... i have to have this right now! So i only spent a few bucks on a wicked awesome cd. But i was very surprised when i listened to it. It rocked my world! So, after listening to the cd for about three hours straight and reading everything on the inside thing, i decided, well i think i might just check out the website and it got even cooler! But i could go on and on about how you guys rock so much, but i'm sure that you totally already know that. So keeping rocking and thanks for making music good again!"

"I've just received the EMO IS AWESOME - EMO IS EVIL sampler, thanks, every track is superb. I really appreciate all the hard work you, at the label, and the bands put in. I'm new to the label, but want to let you know you now have a fan for life. CHEERS!!!!!!"

"Once when I was looking for good music it came up to records off the deep elm label. This was one of the best days of my life when it comes to music. The lyrics are awesome and the music is really driven, and together it is straight out of the soul of the person or band behind it. Every band on this label is so good its hard to believe they are all signed to the same one. Deep Elm delivers, right to the front door of indie rock/emo lovers everywhere. Keep up the great work and I can hardly wait until i have more money to order more cds."

"I just recently got into Deep Elm and its artists...I'm in love with what I hear. Quality work is definitely going on here. High fives for staying independent and free of the mainstream media hype."

"Deep Elm Records is the best record company in the industry. period. there is no other label where you can get such solid music all the time, from every band. i have a diverse taste that ranges from Appleseed Cast to pg99, but you guys keep me fulfilled. thank you."

"my introduction to deep elm was a random chance purchase of the first camber album a little while back. after that, i noticed the little deep elm logo on an appleseed cast album, and then a brandtson album. okay, i'll see what this label is all about... i came across the emo diaries comps. i read up on what they were all about and thought now this is what it is all about; unknown bands, great music. just what i was looking for. i went out and bought every one of them. deep elm has quickly become one of my two favorite indie labels. good music, a grassroots ethic, and just a friendly way of doing it all, both towards the bands and their listener. thumbs up to you guys. and keep the new bands/music coming. looking forward to the next emo diaries comps!!! :)"

"Best label ever!!! Need I say more?! "

"i just wanted to thank you for putting out amazing music and hosting unbelievable bands. you guys are amazing and i have a lot of respect for you for what you do and how well you do it. i've been listening to your music for years and its changed my life. thank you."

"I think it is awesome how this site helps teens who are contemplating suicide. I have felt somewhat like that before but after listening to the music you put out there for us makes me feel better and I just thought that you guys should know you do make a difference in all of our lives."

"I believe that the action that Deep Elm is taking to make people aware of Suicide in society is one of the most admirable actions I have ever seen. Whether they are motivated by the loss of someone close or the realization that there is a problem in our communities that needs to be addressed and not swept under the carpet or considered taboo is irrelevant. I applaud the things that you are doing, I truly admire the courage that you have and the support you have of such a worthy cause. You are truly a inspiration to people everywhere. Please continue to support the prevention and awareness of suicide. Thank you."

"I'm really stoked on the Too Young To Die tour/benefit you guys are doing. Just recently as last week, my friend's 15 year old sister took her own life. This doesn't mark the first time a friend's suicide has taken place in my life, but this one was completely unexpected by myself. I and a lot of other friends greatly appreciate the work you guys are doing. keep it up"

"Deep Elm has got to be my favorite label, without question. In fact, no single record label has ever actually stood out to me before Deep Elm. I really appreciate how much care is given to your customers, and the bands. I recently placed an order and I was amazed at how personal it was. I've been spreading the word, cause you people deserve it =)"

"First i want to thank you for all the amazing bands that you have signed. i want to thank you for starting the label in the first place, your ideals on protecting and producing the talent and some of the greatest songs i have heard. my life without Deep Elm and the music that you produce would be unbearable..... "

"i'd die without music, thank you for keeping me alive."

"Deep Elm is single-handedly the best record label out there. People often consider Deep Elm the poor man's Saddle Creek but this is far from true. Conor Oberst is nothing more than an overrated pseudo-emo/indie rock soulless bastard who if he had never been born, every hick down at Saddle Creek would be out of a cushy job. Bright Eyes is Saddle Creek's cash cow. I hope they all die slow, incredibly painful deaths as if somebody was stomping on their collective chests with red-hot golf spikes and subsequently burn in hell listening to Milli Vanilli and Celine Dion and then Deep Elm takes over the world and takes the stigma off the word emo and us broken hearted hardcore indie-rock/emo fans will no longer be thrown into unrelenting spirals of depression, psychosis and self-harm as a result of Bright Eyes' music."

"Music is very important and many people, including myself, turned to it when suffering with depression while in that point of just giving up in life. At any rate, it is beyond amazing, commendable, and inspiring of bands and record labels stepping up for such a cause. I now have an even greater respect for what music and those who make it do. The touring, lyrics, and the expression a band puts into it couldn't be expressed with words. I hope you all know just how much you do for someone by putting out cds."

"Currently many feel the music industry is stagnant and/or dying, everything has been done before and nothing is new. Deep Elm Records has been proving these nay-sayers wrong with release after release of quality music. Label it as you will punk, emo, synth pop, indie rock, power pop etc...the music has spoken for itself. "

"a friend and i drove up from Tennessee to catch the show in Charlotte that you did for too young to die. and it was amazing. really one of the best shows i have seen in years. just wanted to say thanks for putting on such good shows for such good causes."

"I want to sincerely thank you for all of the hard work you put into Deep Elm. It really shows. The records you put out are always worth a listen. You are by far the single most dedicated and hardworking label there is. period. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

"I just want to thank you for making such great records. They help me when I'm alone and have no where to turn. Today when I find out a friend's loved one is dead - I turn to my music. To your music. Thank you. I'm doing my best to share it with the world. "

"I absolutely love Deep Elm records. The quality of the music, the openness, the diversity of the records, everything about it is so uniquely independent in every way possible. Keep your music and independent spirit flowing!"

"Deep Elm is my favorite record label of all time. The music is amazing and the heart and power that everyone puts into the label is matched by no one. As for feedback, great work. As for praise, you all are the best. And as for criticism, there is none for now, just keep on doing everything that you do - you are the best. "

"i cant express how much you've done for me. the music you have truly reaches out to people. thank you so much. me and my friends support you completely."

"Deep Elm Records never ceases to amaze me. This is the music I listen to when I'm happy, sad, or just feel like rocking out. amazing label. you have made some of the best records..."

"i've been a fan of deep elm for about 2 or 3 years now. the music is really something special. i think a sign of good music is knowing that when you listen to it, someone else has felt the same way you feel. and knowing that makes life a little easier to bear. so keep up the good work because i know that it means a lot of things to a lot of people. cause this is more than just emo or whatever people wanna call it. its life put to music. and its great. "

"What the bands and staff behind Deep Elm records have done for Indie and Emo music all over the country is an inspiration. I hope one day to either start or be working for something that can a part of so many peoples lives just as you have done."

"I love you. You serve all my emotional needs. You are God-like. "

"Sheer beauty, all of it...PMFS, The White Octave, The Appleseed Cast, those guys especially, all genius, and it kicks Saddle Creek's ass."

"Thanks for your openness in accepting unsolicited demos. It gives musicians like myself an opportunity that is quite rare in an industry that mainly thrives on money and physical appearance. Independent labels like Deep Elm have revived the true essence of music: expression."

"you guys have the best label out there.........the emo diaries are amazing, and to date, i have all of them, including your unreleased and guys are amazing when it comes to finding bands for music that hits home with lyrics, and is awe-inspiring live and while listening to the sometimes layered music on their cds.........bravo, and i only hope that one day, if i were to start a record label, to be mentioned in the same breath of deep elm.......thanks guys, for keeping me sane and inspired."

"I was sick of the usual radio music, and went searching for something new. I discovered Deep Elm one day, and fell into something I think some people call love. Ever since then, I have not appreciated bands unless they have come from the Deep Elm label. No other bands can compare to something so deep that can capture your heart. I now look at life in a totally different way...and I must thank you, Deep Elm. Thanks for changing my life."

"I've heard of Deep Elm from PMFS and i didn't really know anything about Deep Elm at the time so then i saw that this was there label so i started listening to other bands like Seven Storey Mountain, Pop Unknown. i couldn't get over how good they were so then about a year ago i started checking out the other bands and since then i still have not find an album i didn't like, Deep Elm has to be the greatest label ever, all the bands are so good, and diverse its hard to pick out the best one, keep up the good work and i will continue to support THE GREATEST LABEL EVER CREATED!!!!!"

"Deep Elm's records have really inspired me to write and get more into music and especially feel better about life and what we are all doing here. Thank you for putting out such great bands and thank you to the bands to sharing it with the fans, because without music there is no life! So keep rocking on and we'll support you to the end!"

"if i had to live with one record on a desert island for the rest of my life i'd bring a freakin deep elm one, the biggest decision would be deciding which one."

"I think your label is the best ever. I have felt no one knows what I feel until I found your label. Deep Elm is my music...the blood running through my veins."

"Just wanted to mention how awesome I think you guys are for making the sampler free, just $2 for shipping which is necessary. I'm stoked, it made my day to learn about this :-) So thanks a lot, for knowing what music is really supposed to be about."

"Deep Elm records rocks!!! You're truly keeping it real by being (and staying) 100% independent! I feel really proud to be listening to bands on your label as they seem so uncommercialized and that is such a hard thing to find nowadays. Keep up the good work, guys!! "

"Thank you for the too young to die CD, my friend was suicidal.... and i was worried for him, but not sure what to do for him. And the CD just made me think "i'd rather lose a friendship than a friend." And from that, we have grown extremely close."

"i just want to take this opportunity to say that your bands and the music they play is an inspiration that cannot be defined. I absolutely love your bands, and its nice to know that there is a label out there who knows that twenty dollars for a cd is not worth it. Keep it underground, and for the fans, not for the money. It's one of your best attributes. Thanks for being so helpful. "

"I have been an avid deep elm fan for a while now, and I appreciate all that you guys do for everyone. You guys truly rock and give listeners memorable music. Once again thanks for the kickin effort you put into making music, you have touched listeners everywhere."

"you guys have one of, if not the best independent labels i have ever opened ears to. not only is each band on your roster solid, your website and catalog is phenomenal. thanks for putting out honest and sincere music for all of us, i appreciate it. thanks!"

"I'm not really a guest, I've been coming to this site for awhile, but I just wanted to let you guys know that you rock. I stumbled across Deep Elm a couple of months ago and ended up ordering Hearts Bleed Blue, not knowing any of the artists. I was so excited when I finally got the cd and sat down to listen to it and loved every song. Thank you guys so much for bringing forth good music that has meaning and depth in the days when the radio has very little to offer. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know how much your hard work is appreciated. I am forever a customer of Deep Elm. Thanks!!!"

"I would just like to thank you on your great service and dedication to the underground DIY scene. This record label is just outstanding. I like how this website has everything to offer, like free audio samples, lyrics for those hard-to-find songs, and album reviews from multiple magazines. Thank you for being an amazing record label."

"Thank you so much for everything you've done and are doing for indie music. i love it and have been really impressed by you after reading various interviews."

These are some seriously high quality bands coming off this label. No bullshit. Just music that rips your face off."

"I think what Deep Elm is doing is amazing, an awesome contribution to the scene. I guess i just want to say thank you very much for exposing such great bands."

"i respect deep elm a lot, always have and cannot believe how the label has grown in such exponential ways. it is quite amazing thinking of the first camber cd, until now...holy shit. cheers to you john, you did an awesome feat. and you also released some of my fave music in the genre, albeit the This Beautiful Mess cd, and almost all the Appleseed Cast. both are in my top favorite bands. you can rest assured i have MANY deep elm releases in my cd collection..."

"Thank you for keeping the independent music scene alive. A lot of labels out there are becoming more and more mainstream and in the process are focusing on the business aspect of a label instead of the *IMPORTANT* aspect... the music! You aren't one of those labels. The music you are putting out eats me alive. Enough said!"

"Deep elm has always made beautiful music worth listening to forever. "

"I love Deep Elm, you've given me a lot to go on, lots for my friends to go on - you make me happy, the bands, the music, the things you all write. I've never known a label to care so much, Thank you Deep Elm. "

"its refreshing to have a label so musically and morally above almost all others. thanks for the creation of such a beautiful outlet of art through emotion. long live deep elm."

"I like the way you run the label. care about the bands and the fans not just the money. that's pretty rare in todays compensation, money grabbing culture. much respect for you."

"I just wanted to thank you all at Deep Elm for spending the time to find this music. It all hits real close to my heart!"

"Thank for founding a record company based on music and good morals and staying normal people, not many companies can say they have done that, plus i love every band on your label."

"That warm June night still burns true in my head. I think back and contemplate. How could a band of which I knew nothing about one week previously, leave such a lasting impression. I had longed for such driving music, and passionate escapism. Those which had given it, are gone. Yet I still dream of the night which let fly souls. and continue to re-embrace the night where I was engulfed in peace and admiration, for the talents of Appleseed Cast. They brought to my home town a sound I was familiar with but a exploitation of melodic harmonies I was afraid of. The somber tunes glistened like a thousand drops of glitter thrown to the air. and when the emotional sounds spilled across the floor I swam in them. I covered myself in the soft melodies of "Untitled 1/2", letting the cool refreshing saxophone embed its tune in my body. Though I still remember that early summer night, memories cannot amount to the splendor of Appleseed Cast."

"Hey. I just wanted to e-mail you and tell you how deeply impressed I am with you guys. I honestly tell my friends that Deep Elm is the best label ever and I'll fight for that opinion. I have only ordered from you once but I still worship you and am awestruck. I ordered the four latest Emo Diaries and got a free Imbroco CD. I figured out that I saved $22 and I got it in four days!! That's great to tell my parents but I feel like I ripped you off. You have such amazing wonderful music. I wouldn't mind ripping off Vagrant, heh. But I like actually feel bad. I have no heart. So you should be impressed. I'm surely going to buy every freaking CD you sell and tell all my friends about it. That's what I have been doing. Everyone that I talk to knows that ken is obsessed with Deep Elm. My friend told me about you and I think it's only fair that I do the same. When I ordered, I forgot my town and zip code and I was so amazed that you guys called me up. That is so great that there are people like you that care about the customers and fans. I know you don't have the hugest of staffs and don't want to read a thirty page rant about how great you are. So I'll shut up now. The Last Days of April is God! Thanks. "

"hey john and chuck. i've got a story for you guys and i'll probably end up filling it with irrelevant details, but its focus, its purpose is somewhat meaningful, so try and bare with me. i've been your label's biggest fan ever since i was introduced to it by my guitar teacher a few years ago. ever since i've been picking up just about every record you guys put the deep elm seal of quality on. a couple have been disappointing, but the good ones make up for the not so good ones a million times over to say the least. brandtson, appleseed cast, cross my heart, imbroco, pmfs, and the list goes on - these are hands down the best bands ever assembled and every song, every note bleeds with such heartfelt, unfiltered emotion that it washes away every pathetic, awkward moment spent realizing that this wish wont come true and this girl will never smile like that as a result of anything i will ever do or say. my life has been one chapter after another of dissappointment and heartache, with brief breaths of beauty thrown in every now and then - amounting to one letter of hope amidst page after page of painful defeat. a library of volumes that no one would ever want to read (including myself) and for good reason. i know what you're saying, and no, i didn't write you guys to bitch. these things completely disappear not just during, but forever, after i listen to some of the records you guys have made a reality. these records are such a source of strength that i can't even imagine life without them, or maybe i just don't want to. god, i could fill the next five years of my life solely singing your praises and talking about the indescribable effect that you've had on my life, but (even though you would never know from reading this email) i have what i sometimes think is a life, and to keep up with all the nothing that happens requires constant attention and supervision. anyway, back to what i originally sat down to write about...i've been waiting (very restlessly, i admit) for what seems like an eternity for the new BENTON FALLS to arrive at my house. the reason i've been waiting so impatiently is threefold: 1. after seeing the benton falls shirt alone a while back, i promised myself i'd buy the record no matter what it sounded like. 2. i listened to the previews and read the lyrics on the site, so i knew this record would be up there with the likes of fallen star collection and mare vitalis. 3. i got the new sampler with fighting starlight on it which absolutely blew my mind. well this morning the wait was over, despite frequent, unexplained screw ups by the cuyahoga falls mail dept. i've listened to this record 7 or 8 times today all the way through and it has completely restored my faith in the fact that deep elm has yet to have snatched up all the amazing bands in the world. the best way i can describe a benton falls song is by saying its like a Simpsons episode. it starts off in a completely different spot than it ends up, but you're so unspeakably grateful for the ride AND the destination that it doesn't matter. there's no need to retrace your footsteps when you're more than happy with where you ended up. and the best part is relating to it, seeing your reflection so completely in what's going on. this record blew all my expectations out of the water, and its going to be near impossible for you guys to top it, but you always do, somehow. well, its getting really late and these eyes need some rest before work. i didn't say nearly a fraction of what i intended to say to you guys. thank you a thousand times, thank you..."

"deep elm, i can't begin to explain how much i love the record label and all the bands on it and those that have been associated with it in one way or another. i'm from a rather small town and the only music sources are those on TV and radio. the radio consists of country or the popular music of that week (you know how the popular stuff changes). though i hate to admit it, i too was once worried about being popular. however, i read about the emo scene in a guitar world magazine and was introduced to a whole new world of music. the heavier bands immediately struck my attention and curiosity. i was still blown away by everything in the songs; lyrics, power, honest emotion, EVERYTHING. i have learned about deep elm and every band that you have to offer. all of it is great music. that's the thing about deep elm, it may not all sound the same, but you will like them all because they all have that one special, UNDESCRIBABLE thing that keeps you coming back for more. through deep elm i have expanded my musical tastes from not just punk, but to hardcore, slowcore, rock, and everything else that it has to offer. deep elm has given me something i can call my own. music that i can relate to every song and not worry about a newer one taking over my stereo, like the typical mainstream. i so badly want to run and tell everyone about all the great music they are missing, yet i don't want to ruin the indie and, somewhat, underground name tag. i've searched so long to find myself and be what i want to be no matter what everyone else wants me to be. i was comfortable in being different. i enjoyed people not knowing what my shirts mean when i wear a band tee shirt. i enjoy being able to just be myself and not give a damn what anyone else thinks, for that i am forever thankful for deep elm and everything it does. you touch people with more than just music."