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CHRISTOFFER FRANZEN of Lights & Motion "Phenomenon"

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The ability to evoke emotion on a universal level, to touch the heart without words, to transport you to a place where anything and everything is possible...this is the exceptional skill of cinematic composer CHRISTOFFER FRAZEN, the sonic architect and solo braintrust behind LIGHTS & MOTION (now with 55 Million plays on Spotify and over 550,000 monthly listeners). Each song, whether it's a Christoffer Franzen track or a Lights & Motion track, is born from a visual narrative or small story in Franzen's mind. On his new 12 track composer release Phenomenon, Franzen challenged himself by taking things a step further and creating the entire score to an imaginary movie. From intriguing setup to pensive confrontation to climatic resolution, the level of emotional intricacy Franzen achieved is extraordinary. Close your eyes and listen as the storyline builds, shapes and plays out effortlessly in the theater of your mind...and you'll find that this is not just music you listen to, it's music you see and feel. From the beautiful piano melodies to the sweeping string arrangements, Franzen again delivers a timeless sound that is seemingly created from the same stuff dreams are made of. (DER-573)

"Another masterful set of magical and heartfelt sounds. Christoffer's genius can't be fully described." - Elevator Anthem
"Rousing orchestral themes, dynamic movements and blockbuster passages perfect for storied moments." - Art of Rylee
"A collection that proves Franzen has the heart and the chops to score a multitude of future works." - Stationary Travels


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