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LIGHTS & MOTION "These Hands Could Hold The World"

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These Hands Could Hold The World by cinematic post-rock powerhouse LIGHTS & MOTION is Available Now on all platforms worldwide. The new single is very much a "return to the roots" of the foundational guitar-based palette of the Lights & Motion sound. "Limiting myself to using guitar, bass and drums was in a way very freeing. It felt nice to re-connect with that way of writing. You compose in different ways depending on what instruments you are writing on. I had a lot of fun working out the different guitar tones for this piece,” says Lights & Motion frontman Christoffer Franzen. (DER-617)

Recommended For Fans of: Explosions In The Sky, M83, Sigur Ros, U137, Floating In Space

Genre: Cinematic Post Rock / Ambient / Instrumental

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