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Coming out of hibernation with Bloom set on the promise of Spring, cinematic post-rock visionary LIGHTS & MOTION truly transcends emotion. Consistently beautiful, gut-wrenching and full of melancholic hopefulness, Christoffer Franzen's unfailing creativity delivers yet again. He just gets it. "I feel really connected to the title track. I did something unusual for me in that I conceptualized a song before I had even written a note. I wanted to create a song that would sound like a flower in bloom, in that it is ever changing and evolving" says Franzen. Click here to read the very first review of this forthcoming release. It says it all. Produced, recorded and mixed by Franzen at UpSweden Studio in Gothenburg. Mastered by Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters in Los Angeles (M83, Paramore, Serge Gainsbourg). Album artwork by Shane Labelle. Photo by Fredrik Sellergren. Five tracks...all absolutely stunning. (DER-580)

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