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For the band's second release, FLOATING IN SPACE set out to create an album that gives wings to every butterfly in your stomach. And from the opening note of the sophomore effort Dreamland to the very last tone of the spectacular closing track Earth (single available now on Spotify), each song is filled with so many astoundingly gorgeous frames of optimistic grace that your heart is fit to burst. In 2016, we were introduced to just a small portion of what songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ruben Caballero was capable of. If his band's debut The Edge of the Light was to showcase the potential of the project, Dreamland is the stunning realization of that potential. Expanding far beyond the band's earlier piano-driven motif to focus on organic melody, every song on Dreamland is brilliantly structured and realized...each an impressive soundscape worthy of the act's name. A truly timeless, uplifting and enlightening album, each note on Dreamland has a purpose. Each choir-like vocal cadence is well measured. You will hear love and inspiration in each flourish of the guitar and each syncopated beat of the drum. Sweeping across every conceivable emotion with cinematic showmanship, Floating In Space pierces the psyche in a way reserved only for the upper echelons of post-rock. There is no doubt that Dreamland will be respected as one of the most lavishly beautiful releases of the year and the album trailer is an absolute must-see. Seriously, like whoa. (DER-581)


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