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ATHLETICS "Where To Hide"

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7 years. That's how long it's been since the members of Asbury Park's ATHLETICS have shared the stage. But some connections never fade, they simply can't be denied. As life moves us in different directions and take us down varied paths, we often find ourselves coming back to the connections we formed that helped shape us into who we are. It's this shared bond between Jimmy, John, Howie, Zach and Garrett that has Athletics reuniting, rehearsing, recording and reshaping their futures, going all-in for 2024 as if they never left the stage together.

Following the recent release of single When To Run, Deep Elm Records is pleased to announce the release of Athletics' single Where To Hide on all digital platforms across the globe for the first time. "Deep Elm helped Athletics reach listeners and establish lifelong connections with fans all over the planet and we are proud for these two singles to find their proper home with the rest of our catalog on Deep Elm Records in 2024 and beyond," says drummer John Cannon.

MAY 15 - Beijing, China @ Omni Space
MAY 16 - Shanghai, China @ Bandai Namco
MAY 19 - Guangzhou, China @ Shengyin Gonghe
MAY 20 - Shenzhen, China @ B10
JUN 27 - Indianapolis, IN @ HiFi / Post Festival

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