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CHRISTOFFER FRANZEN of Lights & Motion "Wide Awake"

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Instrumental powerhouse, sonic architect and solo braintrust of post-rock heavyweight LIGHTS & MOTION (now with over 17 Million plays on Spotify and 620,000 monthly listeners), Christoffer Franzen's aptly-titled third composer release Wide Awake offers 12 fresh tracks flowing with positivity, promise and possibility. Wide Awake rounds out Franzen's timeless catalog of predominantly epic, ethereal and triumphant tracks, all of which were designed with synchronization to video, film and television in mind. With this release, Franzen again justifies his spot on the short list of great cinematic songwriters, not to mention recent credits in several major Hollywood film trailers, high profile ad campaigns and Superbowl commercials. This young Swede is unstoppable with credit for six full-length releases (including Reanimation, Save Your Heart and most recently Chronicle under the Lights & Motion moniker) plus several custom scoring projects...all within three short years. At the ripe age of 27, completely self-taught Mr. Franzen is one of the finest examples of focus that the world of music may ever know. Wide Awake joins Music for Film & Television, Volumes 1 and 2 as the latest installment in Franzen's "go to" composer collection for serious filmmakers, cinematographers and videographers who demand that the music which accompanies their projects stand out, gets recognized and most important, is remembered. (DER-567)

"Youth has never been as fruitful as what I've just listened to. The most perfect combination I've heard in a while.
I can only be grateful for the hard work behind each track. Great applause to Christoffer Franzen for yet another
masterful set of magical and heartfelt sounds. Christoffer's genius can't be fully described.
Final Score: 100%. Yet another masterpiece!
" - Elevator Anthem


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