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LIGHTS & MOTION "Dear Avalanche"

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The latest offering in a discography often described as the ultimate symmetry of music and emotion, Dear Avalanche is the most accomplished and fully realized expression of sounds to date from LIGHTS & MOTION. Although many claim he is a magician, the band's braintrust, Christoffer Franzen, is a storyteller...and a masterful one at that. From the majestic climax of This Explosion Within to the hopeful build of Silver Lining to the delicate innocence of Anomaly, every Lights & Motion track tells it's own story by transporting the listener through tenor and tone to a place where anything and everything is possible. This astonishing interplay of soul and sound is truly a work of art as it connects with the listener in a way that transcends the music itself. Franzen's ability to elicit emotion on a universal level and touch the heart without words, is simply beyond the limits of all imagination. With this expertly crafted collection of rich new soundscapes, Lights & Motion not only again delivers but also elevates the architecture of cinematic post-rock to awe-inspiring new heights.

"Cinematic post-rock at its finest and a colossal tour de force of instrumental music magic." - OK Lefty
"Lights & Motion has done it again. It's impossible to get tired of this man's music." - Melodic
"Deeply impressed by this wistful trip to the most sensitive spot in our hearts." - Snooze Control
"An absolute revelation proving Lights & Motion is the best the post-rock genre has to offer." - Suffissocore


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