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Release Date: March 13, 2020

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FLOATING IN SPACE has taken the incredible foundation laid on the band's debut and expanded the depths of music's majestic wonder to all new heights on its stunning third full-length album A New Dawn. Filled with soaring power, profound hope and astounding frames of optimistic grace, this stunning album presents a roller coaster of emotion where bright and peaceful moments coexist with darker, melancholic ones. An aurally transcendent album, "A New Dawn" takes the next step in the evolution of Spanish composer Ruben Caballero's songwriting through a more emotional lens while retaining the essence of the Floating In Space sound. The vision, the purpose and the realization of this album bring light and faith where there is little. The new album also features the band's first vocal track "Dusk" featuring Dutch mezzo-soprano Aniah Alves. Sweeping across every conceivable emotion with cinematic showmanship, Floating In Space pierces the soul, mind and spirit in a way reserved only for the upper echelons of post-rock. Recommended For Fans of Lights & Motion, Sigur Ros, U137, Hammock, Helios, God Is An Astronaut (DER-600)

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