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U137 "Adam Forever / The Great Leap"

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With a very heavy heart, we regretfully share that after a tumultuous struggle with depression and substance abuse, the world lost 27 year old U137 band member Adam Tornblad on May 8, 2017. "I knew Adam since I was two years old. We started to make music together in our early teens in a band that would later be named Moonlit Sailor. An amazingly smart and talented guy, Adam has always been my best friend and we were always very close to each other. He had a beautiful mind and he created the most beautiful melodies with it. Unfortunately, with a beautiful and smart mind often comes a much darker side. Adam is in a much more beautiful place now and I'm longing to see him in the future when I get there. Writing Adam Forever was very difficult but also provided me with some much needed therapy. The feeling and sound in this song is my love for Adam. I wrote it for him. Both songs give you a good idea of what the next U137 album will sound like. This is not the end of U137, but a new beginning," says band member Oscar Gulbrandsen. (DER-578)

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