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CARLY COMANDO "Everyday (Grand Piano)"

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Eloquent, gripping, poignant, thought-provoking, memorable. These are some of the words most frequently used to describe the achingly beautiful music of cinematic pianist and Primetime Emmy Award-winning composer CARLY COMANDO. The stunning new Grand Piano version of Carly's viral piano ballad Everyday (which receives 100+ Million cumulative plays per year on Youtube) is being released in connection with a video of Carly's first-ever publicly released performance of this popular, powerful and inspirational classic. The heart-stirring black and white video will premier on the HDSounDI Youtube channel and is sure to please fans and pianists around the globe have been requesting a video from Carly for over ten years. A cathartic release of emotions, the original recording of "Everyday" came straight from Carly's heart right to the piano...literally in a single attempt (hence her debut album title "One Take"). What was played is exactly what you hear. Running the gamut from powerful to gentle and sweeping to sparse, "Everyday" is as perfect for the big screen as it is for personal enjoyment. (DER-577)

"This is music that changes lives, opens minds, broadens horizons. An amazing pianist." - ANA
""Emotional and inspiring, she grabs your soul and moves you. Highly recommended." - The Rez


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