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CARLY COMANDO "Everyday (Orchestral)"

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Gripping, poignant, thought-provoking, memorable. These are some of the words most frequently used to describe the achingly beautiful music of cinematic pianist and Emmy Award-winning composer CARLY COMANDO. Well known throughout the interwebs for her viral piano ballad Everyday, a stunning new Orchestral version of this popular, powerful and inspirational classic is now available. A cathartic release of emotions, the original recording of Everyday came straight from Carly's heart right to the piano...literally in a single attempt. Running the gamut from powerful to gentle and sweeping to sparse, Everyday is as perfect for the big screen as it is for personal enjoyment.

"Ever since I wrote Everyday, I could always picture it as an orchestral arrangement. I always envisioned someone else making this happen, but I decided to take matters into my own hands. I loved revisiting and rearranging this piece for strings because I had more literal moving parts to play with. The original version is minimal in it's instrumentation but huge in emotion. I wanted to respect the simplicity and emotionality of the song but add more layered movement. This version is different in that way because it gives more storyline to the song via the violin and there are several important melodic components to pick out. As an artist, I like to think that I have grown over time, so it's an honor to revisit the song that established my career and breathe new life into it," says Carly.

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