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FAQ #1) My project is a non-commercial, not-for-profit labor of love. Can I use music from your artists for free or in exchange for credits / links?

NO. In this age of rampant music piracy and digital streaming, music licensing is one of the only remaining sources of income for most recording artists. For that reason, free / gratis usage is not permitted nor allowed under any circumstance. Credits are appreciated, but they cannot pay for expenses such as recording, mixing, mastering, promotion, web, legal and other operating expenses not to mention the massive amount of time and energy that goes into making timeless music of this quality. Any usage of copyrighted music in synchronization with video for any purpose whatsoever is subject to a paid licensing agreement. We offer affordable licensing rates for a wide range of uses.

FAQ #2) Does Deep Elm control both Master Use and Synchronization rights?

YES. All music in Deep Elm's licensing catalog is pre-cleared so you only need to deal with us to obtain all necessary rights for usage. There is never a need to contact a separate publishing company or the band as they will simply instruct you to contact Deep Elm.

FAQ #3) Do you have instrumentals available?

YES. We have instrumental mixes available upon request in both 320 kbps mp3 and 1,411 kbps WAV formats for the majority of songs in the catalog. Stems are also available for certain songs for an additional charge.

FAQ #4) Can I review / download music to see if it works with my project?

YES. Our entire catalog is available on a Name Your Price basis for personal audio enjoyment / listening only (NOT for synchronization to video / music licensing purposes). You can use this download format to see if the music works within your project. You can find our entire catalog at If you want to know the cost of licensing the music for your project, please request a quote (see FAQ #6 below). Important: All uses of music in synchronization with video are subject to an authorized licensing agreement for which there is a fee.

FAQ #5) Do you have a standard ratecard of prices?

NO. We have found over the last 20 years that no two projects are the same. Therefore, each project is quoted individually based on several criteria (see below). Note that we charge a minimum of $150 for a synchronization license and rates increase from there depending on production budget, size of the end user, term, type of media and other factors.

FAQ #6) Can i get a quote for a specific usage?

YES. Email and include ALL of the information required below. Simply copy and paste into the body of your email. Please note: quotes are provided via email only. We do not quote over the phone.

     01) Your Full Name:
     02) Your Company Name:
     03) Name of Client / End User (if different):
     04) Nature of Client / End User's business and total number of employees:
     05) Song(s) you are interested in:

     06) Duration of music used (mins/secs):
     07) Name of Project:
     08) Project Length (mins / secs):
     09) Are there any alternate versions and / or cutdowns (15 sec, 30 sec, etc):
     10) Total number of songs in the project:

     11) Type of Usage (Online, TV, Radio, Event, Internal):
     12) On what User Channel will the video be posted online? List channel URL for Youtube, Vimeo, etc.
     13) Is this a Theme Song or Film Trailer use?
     14) Term of license (1 year, 3 years, 5 years, perpetuity, etc):
     15) Territory (USA Canada, Europe, World, etc):

     16) Project Launch Date / Online Date:
     17) Total Production Budget of the Project (in US Dollars):
     18) Will there be any paid advertising? If so, what is ad budget (in US Dollars)?
     19) What are you offering (in US Dollars) for the rights requested above?
     20) Private URL link to view the project / review the usage:

If you have an immediate deadline, please let us know. Otherwise, we should get back to you within 24 hours.

FAQ #7) How can I pay for a license?

We accept Paypal (+3% domestic / +5% overseas for Paypal fees), Checks from US Banks and Wire Transfers (+ $25 surcharge). US Dollars only.

Please note: Payment MUST be received in full prior to first use.

We look forward to working with you and helping to make your project a success!

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