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CHRISTOFFER FRANZEN "Fusion: Music For TV & Film"

Release Date: June 10, 2022

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Christoffer Franzen, the man behind cinematic powerhouse Lights & Motion, is set to release a new 11 track composer album titled Fusion: Music For TV & Film on June 10. Filled with fresh, gritty, head-turning music specifically designed to accompany television, film and video projects, the new album is a go to for filmmakers, cinematographers and videographers who demand that the music connected to their work stands out, gets recognized and is remembered. Fusion: Music For TV & Film is a resource for cutting-edge creatives who recognize that music and visuals share the stage equally on screen and understand the power of the right composition to maximize the success of any project.

Recommended For Fans of: Lights & Motion, M83, U137, Explosions In The Sky

Genre: Cinematic Instrumentals

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