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01. Ronnie's Theme
02. Pure
03. Heroes
04. If
05. Cattlemen Don't
06. Eurogirl
07. The Rescue
08. I'm Ready
09. Duck And Run
10. Sent Them Straignt
11. Yeah
12. Operator
13. No Doubt
14. Bearer Of Bad News

Chicago's Triple Fast Action delivers a crushing pack of intense, supercharged rock on Cattlemen Don't, blowing the doors off their acclaimed 1996 debut "Broadcaster." As varied sonically as it is emotionally, Cattlemen Don't builds on a balance of energy, melody, dynamics and harmony. The record is graced with the irresistible hook and infectious undertone of "Heroes," the deceptive impact and glowing guitars of "I'm Ready," the passionate and endearing ballads "Eurogirl," "Bearer of Bad News" and "Cattlemen Don't" and the raging adrenaline rock of "Pure" and "No Doubt." What separates Triple Fast Action< so far from the pack of alterna-clones is their polished yet unrestrained songwriting. Their trademark searing rock highs and delicate, textured lows create mesmerizing tempos that rise and fall much like a rollercoaster, never ending without bringing in the noise. This startling dynamic combined with their savvy guitar-play and Wes Kidd's charred, expressive vocals give the band its thoughtful, electric personality. And on command, Wes' soft and soulful voice has the impressive ability to turn into a well-oiled, screaming rage machine. Triple Fast Action< has achieved the improbable...where punk velocity, radio hooks, indie spirit and arena rock glory cross paths and even stop to shake hands. TFA's front man Wes Kidd co-produced Jimmy Eat World's "Static Prevails" so you know this rocks. Unreleased song "I Want To Know" on Emo Diaries 1. (DER-364)



"A sonic boom of enormous sound that ebbs and flows with emotion. With unabashed energy, melodic acumen and genuine sentiment, Triple Fast Action satisfies all desires one could ask for from rock'n'roll." - Option

"Cattlemen Don't is a bittersweet collection of indie post-power pop that achieves the kind of edgy irony that Cobain was always striving for. Deceptively hooky power-pop songs that often extend into escapades of battling power-chord guitars." - Guitar

"A refreshing and thoroughly satisfying dose of emotionally-charged pop from start to finish." - Exclaim

"A live wire, channeling high voltage to just the right spots and leaving dead air to speak volumes in others." - Chicago Times

"Triple Fast is living proof that there is still nothing as invigorating as rock played with passion. Cattlemen Don't helps you remember why you love rock'n'roll." - Jersey Beat

"A rawk-leaning take on pathos-and-distortion-drenched pop, well served by surprisingly accomplished songwriting." - Alternative Press

"Not since Cobain have we seen such an unassuming songwriting genius as Wes Kidd." - Hitmakers

"As savvy with its silent parts and empty spaces as it is with its hooks. Much appreciated grit and guitar punch." - CMJ

"Guileless lyrics, snappy hooks and TFA's versatile and powerful attack marry to create a worthy post-punk successor to the meld of hard rock and pop that marked the greatest records by Cheap Trick." - Chicago Reader

"Change of pace dynamics, impressive delivery and riffs that hit like a tidal wave..." - Chicago Tribune