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01. Southpaw - "Hub"
02. Lewis - "Everything's Changed"
03. Benton Falls - "Tell Him"
04. Stuart - "2:1"
05. Dear Diary - "This Year's First Snow"
06. Barcode - "Kent"
07. Hangin'On A Thread - "Flavour"
08. Andherson - "Wellspent"
09. Honesuckle Serontina - "Stoopid"
10. Naht - "Way Not Stand Against You"
11. Dead Red Sea - "Even If There's A Chance In Hell"
12. Desert City Soundtrack - "Left You For Who You Are"

Since 1997, The Emo Diaries has been Deep Elm's way of documenting an extraordinary and powerful style of music that possesses the ability to stir emotion like no other. This legendary CD series has introduced nearly 150 incredible bands including Jimmy Eat World, The Appleseed Cast, This Drama, Further Seems Forever (featuring Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional), Planes Mistaken For Stars, The Movielife, This Drama, Samiam and many more to fans wordwide. All songs are Exclusive and Unreleased making each chapter of The Emo Diaries a true compilation, not a sampler of previously released music. All bands were selected based on blind submissions of music (10,000+ submissions received) only the music matters, not who submits. We haven't intended to define the emo genre, but instead share with you the music that moves us and support these incredible's what we do. "The best compilation series on this planet...period" says Punk Rock Reviews.

The Emo Diaries, Chapter 6 features music by Benton Falls (ex-Ethel Meserve), Lewis, Dead Red Sea (ex-Cross My Heart), Dear Diary (Germany), Barcode (Sweden), Stuart (Sweden), The Desert City Soundtrack, Hangin' On A Thread (Italy), Naht (Japan), Andherson, Honeysuckle Serontina (Canada) and Southpaw (England). (DER-403)

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"The good people at Deep Elm have somehow again succeeded in assembling hitherto unreleased tracks from a host of little known bands into a body of work that burrows straight to your soul and eekes out every possible emotion known. The Silence In My Heart: The Emo Diaries Chapter 6 is intensely moving stuff with warm textures, desolate atmospherics and soul-jarring dynamics. From crashing density to whispering introspection this record not only serves as a picture perfect snapshot of the varying post hardcore styles, but will introduce you to songs and bands that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Stunning." - Kerrang

"The Emo Diaries may be the best document of our generation's gift to the world of music, and The Silence In My Heart: Chapter Six is no different. In a land of cheap, budget priced label samplers featuring previously released tracks by bands you don't particularly care about, The Emo Diaries is one of the last of a dying breed...the compilation album. Deep Elm does something that pretty much every other label has deemed an expensive hassle. Rather than trying to promote their own artists, Deep Elm actually lets any band in the world submit material for inclusion. The result is an excellent introduction to what's happening in emo right now. On this chapter you have the hard rocking Hangin' On A Thread, dynamic acts like Southpaw and Barcode, emotional, melodic punk from Andherson and the totally classic, finger-picking-and-whispering of Lewis. All of the songs provide excellent introductions to their particular style of music, with standout tracks coming from Honeysuckle Serontina, Hangin' On A Thread, Naht and Dead Red Sea. Emo is truly a worldwide force, and like nearly every style of music that has preceded it, emo needs a truly great single album that can be enjoyed equally by the newcomer and the expert. The Emo Diaries is a flex your head for the thrift store set, and if this genre means anything to you, you should really own this record." - Deep Fry Bonanza

"The Emo Diaries compilations have been largely successful because of their ability to back it up with nearly an hour of shockingly good music each and every time. Chapter Six, The Silence In My Heart, follows this pattern to a tee. Contained within these twelve songs of teetering energy and pain is far more than words could ever express. Southpaw starts things off with a song racked with harmonic vocals and poppy guitars. It's just the right amount of energy to get things going. Others include Benton Falls, with whom I'm really impressed. Their unique combination of thick guitars and bass mated to loud and booming vocals just takes off; this guy can sing! There is also Hangin' On A Thread, unleashing a ferocious attack that rages hard, and Andherson, who bring forth a very smooth, textured sound. I've listened to this record with attention that few pieces in my collection get. Darn good music wins again." - Pastepunk

"Deep Elm knows exactly how to make a compilation, and The Emo Diaries gets even better this time around with Chapter Six, The Silence In My Heart. All the sounds seem come together to create something great. A happy note, a sad note; they eventually all blend together in a euphoric tide of noise, crashing down in all the right places. Each band seems to know exactly when to twist your heart and when to let go and allow you to recover. After listening to The Silence In My Heart, you'll want to complete the diary by grabbing the five other chapters in this great series." - Graynoise

"The Silence In My Heart: The Emo Diaries Chapter Six continues where previous volumes have left off, exposing and focusing on known and unknown indie rock bands. I was particularly impressed with Hangin' On A Thread, Barcode and Naht, though the record as a whole is very good as well. Deep Elm deserves credit for having the guts to use the e-word as part of the title of a cool series." - Yahtzeen

"On the sixth chapter of the Emo Diaries, The Silence In My Heart, unquestionably displayed is the universality of the genre and its affect on independent musicians everywhere. Many of artists rock in a unique and interesting manner, giving the listener a boost of fresh energy and creativity. Rising to the challenge they emerge with superb contributions, especially The Dead Red Sea and Benton Falls, who are superb. Still, the highlight of the album is Andherson. Their contribution contains a chorus breakdown ideal in its eerie harmonies. It's almost perfect. For those who haven't heard a copy of the Emo Diaries, this would be a good chapter with which to start. Individuals who are already fans of the series will definitely appreciate the added creativity. This chapter sparkles." - Action Attack Helicopter

"The Silence In My Heart: The Emo Diaries Chapter 6 continues in the fine tradition of passionate indie, rock and a few points in between you've come to expect from Deep Elm. Ushered in by the UK's own Southpaw who deliver a rather fine track of poppy, melodic hardcore, the comp continues with highlights that include the warm and enveloping smooth rock of Benton Falls, the driving melodic rock and soaring vocalist of Barcode, the jumpy / poppy riffs of Andherson, the cool jangly and powerful indie rock of Naht and The Desert City Soundtrack who turn out a nice ballady song of bare rock with piano accompaniment." - Fracture

"Chapter Six in the Emo Diaries series has a very up and down feel to it, captivating a quieter ensemble of songs from bands around the world, but then quickly switching back over to the rock songs. These compilations are always of the finest quality and Deep Elm has this thing about finding great bands, so if you like the other albums in the series, this one will tickle your pickle as well." - Punktuation

"Deep Elm's long-running compilation series The Emo Diaries spotlights young bands from around the world, culling the best from the genre. On Chapter Six: The Silence In My Heart, there are bands like Barcode, who contribute one of the best songs, 'Kent' - a declaration of faith in a path always slipping out of reach that ends with a lovely, meditative coda. Strong selections also come from the grungy Hangin' On a Thread and Naht, in the violin-driven Way Not Stand Against You. Nearly every track is solid and meets their goal of emotional fulfillment." - Splendid