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01. Red Animal War - "77"
02. Slowride - "Jesus Candle"
03. Red Animal War - "The Electric Kings"
04. Slowride - "Freeway"
05. Red Animal War - "Modus Operendi"
06. Slowride - "Dear John"

Dallas, Texas is well know for three things: the Cowboys, the JFK assassination (the inspiration for the artwork) and this split between Slowride and Red Animal War. All recorded by Ed Rose (The Appleseed Cast, Get Up Kids, Brandtson, Slowride) in winter 2001, these songs show two Dallas-area labelmates at their absolute best...both lyrically and musically. Starting with Red Animal War's "77", it never lets up until you're clapping along to Slowride's fittingly-titled ending track "Dear John." We'd be inclinded to offer a 100% money-back guarantee on this split, but it's hardly necessary...there'd be no returns. Simply awesome. This is the Second release in our self-titled Split Series. (DER-412)



"Deep Elm has done it. They've put out a split with Red Animal War and Slowride that blows the Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music ep out of the water. Doing it the right way by allowing each band to build off of the others songs, the record starts out with Red Animal War who showcases their ability to write a strong lyrical song as well as implementing some very interesting music. Next up is Slowride with the Jesus Candle which starts out with some driving guitars and then turns into one of the better melodic punk / indie rock songs I have heard in a long while. Filled with dark and catchy lyrics, this release is definitely one to check out, as it draws a picture that the hardcore kid can relate to but is catchy enough for those who enjoy the poppier side of punk rock." - Poptart

"Wow. I haven't been this impressed by a split like the Red Animal War / Slowride EP for a long time. Red Animal War pride themselves on being very technical with their music. They remind me of Braid and Fugazi with many different time signatures and songs that are always unpredictable. Slowride on the other hand is influenced by pop, punk and sometimes even hardcore. They are reminiscent of Jawbreaker, both with their rhythms and structured songs. The band has lots of energy and aggression that will please everyone. All the songs by Red Animal War and Slowride sound fantastic. If you love Deep Elm, go get this now!" - United Front

"On this split, Red Animal War go through a remarkable progression with three new songs (maybe their best so far) while Slowride stick to the concept that made their debut so charming and enjoyable. Red Animal War kick things off, preserving a deep, technical approach, but now they're working with clearer structures. Describing their songs is not easy, as they're so multi-layered, so rich with different perspectives. They never reveal too much; they need to be discovered with patience. Still, they're hard-hitting as ever. Meanwhile, Slowride specialize in emotional rock, which includes powerful guitars, catchy melodies and charismatic vocals. To sum it up, this release is for those who can't get enough of Slowride's full length and it marks Red Animal War's progression of becoming one of the most interesting and original bands on Deep Elm, as well as in the whole genre." - Enough

"This EP from Red Animal War and Slowride has renewed my faith in the genre. Both bands use catchy and crunchy hooks and heart-on-sleeve lyrics. Slowride's lyrics in particular are especially blunt, and their relentless energy breathes new life into music that would otherwise sound trite. Red Animal War, however, steals the show. Their use of a wider arrangement of textural synths and an occasional keyboard adds depth, and their thoughtful lyrics venture far beyond broken hearts. The opener, 77, is especially memorable. I simply found it cool to hear a serious punk song with a verse about the Yankees winning the pennant. In the end, there's no denying that this EP is chock-full of emotive pop-punk goodness; enough to restore the hopes of anyone who thought that pop-punk goodness no longer existed." - Splendid

"Both bands on this split between Red Animal War and Slowride sound unique, melodic and at their best, because both bands do their job damn well. Red Animal War starts, and it is quite clear that they are talented musicians. The songs are built with difficult, technical structures, the instruments are played with power and they put unexpected elements in each track. Slowride play rock music with a different attitude. They have youth's passion and they play fast, loud and in your face. They are aggressive, energetic and at the same time melodic with a lot of catchy harmonies and smooth vocals. Slowride impressed me because of their energy and aggression, while Red Animal War because of their style and uniqueness. I think that both bands should be kept under lock and key by Deep Elm, because I am sure that some major label will ask to put out their records." - Truepunk

"I liked both Red Animal War's and Slowride's last albums...Slowride's quite a bit in fact, and I applaud Deep Elm for grouping bands together that have something in common. The quality of material on this disc is superb. Red Animal War's opening track, 77, is extremely compelling lyrically; through a series of vividly familiar images the band seeks to capture the spirit of the summer of 1977 and succeeds pretty darn well. Slowride's first track is a scorcher as well; Jesus Candle may be the best song they've written thus far, an up-tempo summertime anthem that would have been the star of their last LP. Both bands offer up first-rate material, and if you're a fan of either band or of Deep Elm records in general, the rock contained herein simply cannot be passed up." - Deep Fry Bonanza

"This is what splits are all about. Three songs each from Red Animal War and Slowride do a lot for a variety of listeners. The opener from Red Animal War isn't what I'd normally expect, but that's what I like about it. You can feel the rhythm of this track in your bones. Your ears are being pressured with melodic guitar, while the outstanding vocals massage the brain. I'm quite impressed and excited about their next full length. Slowride has its moments too. Driven guitar work and raspy vocals guide songs like Dear John all the way through the depths of the bad relationship almost everyone can identify with. After all, music wouldn't be the same without love and love lost." - Dropout Digest

"Two bands from Dallas split this EP. And with Ed Rose on the boards, all six songs sound excellent. While Slowride continues their punk ways, Red Animal War is taking their brand of aggressive, moody rock to a whole new level. Their new material is most assuredly all their own; driving and aggressive while not out of control, it's extremely strong rock. Their opener, 77, is the best song from this band that I've heard, and it kicks ass. Driven by melodic guitars over a pounding drum beat, it has the feel of a hardcore song without the screaming. The singer does shout the vocals, though, and it's a great delivery. On the other side, Slowride is all about the punk rhythms and driving yet melodic guitar with ultra-smooth vocals. Very tight and catchy, they manage to differentiate themselves through their musicianship. Jesus Candle starts off with a blast of guitars, while Freeway is driven by powerful riffs and speedy licks. They close with Dear John, their best song, featuring strong lyrics. Slowride is good with the melodic punk, but it's Red Animal War that surprises me. If these three songs are any indication, their next album is going to be amazing." - Delusions Of Adequacy

"On this split, Red Animal War leans to the rhythmic side of indie rock, and their exceptional focus on a tight center really impresses me. This particular style always seems to invoke passion for me. Slowride, on the other hand, is all about thick riffage, power pop and soaring anthems. Three songs from each in an alternating format, and the sound counterpoint that arises is quite refreshing. I like both bands equally in this context, and the differences point out each act's strengths. This is the sort of record that gives the split EP a good name." - Aiding And Abetting

"A dynamic duo of bands, Red Animal War maintains a darker aggressive slant while Slowride brings hooks and punkier melodies. The opening tracks offer your capture and you can't help but be drawn to them like a siren. While both bands do three songs each, the rollicking, kicking, biting and bruising vibe of the split goes all the way. Watch for Red Animal War and Slowride, for they posses promise, not compromise." - Slowtrackstar

"Red Animal War is the band that opens this split with Slowride, and even though they are new to me, I don't regret the meeting. Whereas Slowride goes straight for the catchy and melodic tunes, Red Animal War takes a detour and comes back with more complex song structures complete with start / stop dynamics and shouted lyrics. Imagine you're driving a car and two vans come racing towards you, both wanting to run you off the road. The Slowride van would go for the head-on collision while the Red Animal War van would give you little nudges that drive you closer to the edge each time, until you crash over it. The result is that both bands leave you amazed. I'm glad I got to know Red Animal War and I'm looking forward to their next full length. As for Slowride, I already knew they were good from their last album and it feels good to see that judgment reconfirmed with this split." - Munchkin Music

"The music is great on this split between Red Animal War and Slowride. Each band contributes three unreleased songs, and the cool thing is that they are presented in an alternating sequence. Both bands are really great. I like Slowride because their sound is more rocking, while Red Animal War are more in the indie vein. Fans of both bands should check out this EP because the songs rule. Just take a listen to the first Slowride song; so fantastic! Get this one." - Voice of Reason

"The combination of Red Animal War and Slowride couldn't be better. Both bands are from Dallas and know how to rock! Red Animal War begins the split and you just have to love their songs because of the emotional vocals and music that varies between driving aggression and dissonant rock. Next is Slowride, who present you with melodic punk rhythms and breaks with little pop-touches, all combined with smooth vocals. Go out, enjoy the sun and put this perfect summer soundtrack in your player!" - Silent Stagnation

"The artwork to this split between Red Animal War and Slowride is rather interesting, as it contains images from Kennedy's assassination. It's an edgy approach, much like the music from both bands. Red Animal War has definitely tightened up into a strong indie rock band with more cutting guitars and a great sense of flow, treading even on pop-punk grounds. Their third track, Modus Operendi is the clear standout from this release with truly moving guitar work. Slowride's last release was real solid, and on the split they take the cake lyrically with Freeway, an ode to bleak office workers everywhere. This is is a good value if you dig either of the acts or are looking for something new from the Deep Elm camp." - Pastepunk