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01. Latterman - "Doom! Doom! Doom!" from the album No Matter Where We Go..!
02. Lock And Key - "303" from the album Pull Up The Floorboards
03. Fightstar - "Palahniuk's Laughter" from the album They Liked You Better When You Were Dead
04. Clair De Lune - "The Things They Carried" from the album Marionettes
05. Sounds Like Violence - "Nothing" from the album With Blood On My Hands
06. Benton Falls - "Angel On Hiatus" from the album Guilt Beats Hate
07. Burns Out Bright - "Replication Is The Highest Form..." from the album Save Yourself A Lifetime
08. Eleven Minutes Away - "P.S. I Hate You" from the album Arson Followed Me Home
09. Latterman - "Fear And Loathing On Long Island" from the album No Matter Where We Go..!
10. Clair De Lune - "Killjoy" from the album Assisted Living
11. Slowride - "Rust Killer" from the album C / S
12. Settlefish - "The Barnacle Beach" from the album The Plural Of The Choir
13. Desert City Soundtrack - "Batteries" from the album Perfect Addiction
14. Sounds Like Violence - "You Give Me Heartattacks" from the album The Pistol
15. The Appleseed Cast - "Steps And Numbers" from the album Low Level Owl, Vol. 1
16. Brandtson - "The Rookie Year" from the album Dial In Sounds
17. Slowride - "Just Do It" from the album Building A Building

"I own various Deep Elm comps, but The New Crazy may be the most solid and potent sampler the label has EVER released. It features an exciting roster of newer outfits, along with a handful of established bands to take full command of your punk-rock worn ears. Always putting out consistently enjoyable and dynamic releases since the start, Deep Elm knows how to pick 'em. The New Crazy doesn't contain one dull track. From Latterman's sweaty, driving punk to Lock And Key's raspy Hot Water Music-esque push to the jangly, guitar-shredding kick of Clair De Lune to Settlefish's nod to early Modest Mouse and Built To Spill to the tranquil charm of Surrounded's down-tempo rock to the sadden piano and trumpet driven Desert City Soundtrack, the comp contains a little bit of everything. This is the new crazy! The only downfall to The New Crazy is after you listen, you'll want to buy every band's release. Deep Elm, you have my heart." - Fake Train (DER-445)
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"The New Crazy boasts cuts by the stars of the prestigious Deep Elm label, who have acted like an incubator that nurtured and birthed the post-emotive-hardcore scene. A few of the most impressive artists are Surrounded, Slowride, Desert City Soundtrack, Planes Mistaken For Stars and The Appleseed Cast, all of whose back catalog I highly recommend. In this short list, it's hard to pick favorites because those five bands have delivered brilliance, full stop. Sweden's Surrounded are a panoply of lullaby tranquility and otherworld pop, like Mercury Rev and Sparklehorse and Flaming Lips all holding hands in some forest rite. Slowride are a gritty rock band that stands outside the genre while drafting on progenitors of the scene like Jawbreaker and even Husker Du. For a descent into madness, DCS will take you there and back. Planes and Appleseed best typify a sound that now defies titles, a sound that towers over others who eventually ruined the three letter term tossed about like confetti over every band that claimed to own a punk record but wanted to bare their souls onstage. At any rate, this collection features a wide range in genre and temperaments, well worth your money." - Culture Bunker

"No one can release samplers and compilations like Deep Elm can, and as if to rub it in once more they pull out another flawless effort titled The New Crazy. This boasts an impressive twenty songs, six of which are pre-release versions from the likes of Sounds Like Violence, Benton Falls, Burns Out Bright, Clair De Lune, Slowride and Desert City Soundtrack. Latterman is a new name on the roster and they managed to make quite an impression on me with Doom! Doom! Doom! The surprise for me though came in the form of a band named Fightstar who boast the name of one of my favorite writers in their song title. If you wanna know what's hot in the indie rock scene these days, I'd advise you to pick this one up!" - Punk Rock Theory

"The New Crazy is strong and coherent, nowhere more obvious than from the one-two punch of Latterman and Lock and Key that starts off the disc. Fightstar mixes nu-rock with the traditional 'emo' sound that marked bands from Deep Elm. What results is a very crisp track; imagine Amber Pacific meeting Dave Grohl and the rest of the Foo Fighters. The solid instrumentation of the new Sounds Like Violence track 'Nothing' really portends many impressive things about their forthcoming album. The earthy sound of Burns Out Bright's 'Sincerely I' shows a band that was able to increase geometrically on their already storied sound. What is Burns Out Bright's strongest suit is their ability to convey emotion. Latterman is truly the star of the compilation, as the hard-rocking, driving beat of 'Fear And Loathing On Long Island' is a perfect blend of punk and emo, pushing itself beyond anything else that even the most famed emo bands (Coheed, Brand New) could put out. In one of the most interesting moves, Clair De Lune has went flip-mode on their listeners and taken up the flag of the dance-emo bands. 'Killjoy' is a better example of a fusion track, mixing equally an electronic sound and a harder-edged 'emo' style. The bombastic opening to the compilation, especially the new tracks found on the earlier section of the disc really is a bright spot for Deep Elm." - Neufutur

"Deep Elm offers up the colorful The New Crazy that is sure to be served at a hot summer evening house party. From a label lending a hand to awesome acts such as Secondhand Stories and Slowride, this sampler is a well-blended mix of rock, indie and a dash of punk goodness. Standout tracks are Brandtson's The Rookie Year and Benton Falls' Hold Out. Good stuff." - Skratch

"Yes, Deep Elm is a label that carved its name from the punk, emo and hardcore scene, but over the years they have shown that it is a label built on a love of music and that isn't restricted by genre. The New Crazy showcases some of the gems that Deep Elm has coming up. Featuring tracks from the storming Clair De Lune, a blistering piece of rock from Sounds Like Violence and a taste of what you can be treated to if you got off your arse and bought the Settlefish album like you should. We also get some more pared back beauties from the likes of Benton Falls and Surrounded. If that isn't enough they've thrown in a couple of classics from the vaults courtesy of such luminaries as The Appleseed Cast and Planes Mistaken For Stars. I defy anyone not to find one new band they love on this sampler. Hooray for Deep Elm!" - Tasty

"Deep Elm Records has always been near and dear to my heart as one of my favorite labels. And why not? They've always managed to find and sign some of the best talent in the indie rock world. On their latest label sampler, they show off that fact. Featuring a smorgasbord of indie rock, punk, and post-hardcore, "The New Crazy" is a tease for each band's new full length. Staples include Latterman, Clair De Lune, Burns Out Bright, Slowride, Desert City Soundtrack and Sounds Like Violence. And thatıs just a start!" - Smother

"Long one of the world's most respected indie labels, Deep Elm continues its fine tradition of decent compilations with The New Crazy. On this album one finds no less than twenty tunes from Deep Elm faves and newbies: new tracks include songs from the incredible Benton Falls (seriously, this band completely rules), as well as Sounds Like Violence, Burns Out Bright, Clair De Lune, Slowride and Desert City Soundtrack. Picking up one of these suckers is a great way to figure out what's good in the indie world today. There's something for everyone interested in indie rock here. I like the melodic but gruff punk of Lock And Key and Latterman, the pretty indie of Desert City Soundtrack and of course the majesty of Benton Falls the best on here. Pick it up for yourself and see what tickles yer pickle." - Flex Your Head