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01. We All Have Our Own Shoes
02. We Couldn't Walk With Such Noise
03. Sticks And Stones
04. Dug In Deep
05. Faster
06. This Car Is Hot As Hell
07. Knack For Faith (The Inside Of A Cop Car)
08. Sense Of Things (Whiskey)
09. So If We
10. Coat Rack
11. And Just Like That
12. The Time We Took Those Chances

Every story needs a soundtrack. Just ask Mike Getches of Fort Collins-based Ride Your Bike who penned an imaginative screenplay to serve as the foundation for his addictive brand of indie well as his band's debut album. The musical companion to a wartime story, Bad News From The Bar is a lush soundscape that finds childhood friends Elliot and Lillian drifting apart due to Elliot's big city dreams. It's only through encounters with drug-addicted neighbors, police interrogators and fiery plane crashes that the pair ultimately discover what's really important. Getches' narrative sensibility and songwriting ability is innovative, unique and simply unforgettable. He boldly rejects pop's routine formula, seizing instead the genre's affinity for melody and injecting it with unpredictability and whimsy. Getches' voice is warm, soaring but tempered with fragility. But unlike so many bands, Ride Your Bike avoids overwrought emotionalism, instead creating indie anthems peppered with unusual instrumentation like horns, strings and gang vocals. The album overflows with catchy hooks and airtight sing-along choruses, proving Getches to be a true pop craftsman with more than a few eye-opening tricks up his sleeve. Produced by Andrew Berlin and Chris Jak (A Wilhelm Scream, Suicide Machines, Lemonheads, Rise Against), engineered by Johnny Schou (Good Riddance, Comeback Kid) and mixed by Jason Livermore (Rise Against, Less Than Jake, The Ataris). (DER-468)



"Ride Your Bike's Bad News From The Bar is more than a collection of idiosyncratic pop songs; it is a soundtrack to a story constructed by frontman Mike Getches. Some of the material here has a cavalcade of indie-pop hooks while So If We reveals a different side of the band as it begins with surprising aggression and nicely offsets some of the more subdued efforts. Getches uses his perfect indie rock voice to inundate the listener with emotion without ever sounding artificial. Instead, Ride Your Bike plays with a purity and focus. There are a lot of kids who are currently swooning over Plain White T's or Cute Is What We Aim For, but they should look into Ride Your Bike." - Jersey Beat

"Bad News From The Bar is one of the first records in months to literally come out of left field and take over my cd changer. Ride Your Bike isn't your typical Deep Elm band; they're part of a new generation. Enjoy the music for what it is: fun indie-pop with erratic lyrics and simple melodies. Check out Ride Your Bike because I have a good feeling that this won't be the last time you hear about them." -

"The Colorado based Ride Your Bike has released an incredibly rich album in Bad News From The Bar. Though the band doesn't re-invent the wheel, it does add some creative decorations to the spokes. Bad News From The Bar is pop-punk reminiscent of Weezer, Dashboard Confessional and Say Anything. And while many bands tread in those tracks, Ride Your Bike has enough character to minimize the sappiness while emphasizing the snappiness. Bad News From The Bar is an introspective examination, disguised as great fun in any form." - Wonkavision

"Ride Your Bike have two particular assets: a singer with a voice like fine spun silk and a guitarist with a genuinely original and imaginative vision, sufficient to embellish their music to the point that it could have been made by no one else. Bad News From The Bar is a perceptive, deliciously crafted and intelligent emo-pop album. No horrible Fall Out Boy clone here. Hopefully, the fact that they are musically superior to everything the genre has produced in at least a year should be of some comfort to them. Emo could yet be saved." - Subba-Cultcha

"Not the kind of music to cause you to throw up the devil horns and spit blood, Ride Your Bike's Bad News From The Bar is an intelligent indie album for people who'd rather listen to the lyrics instead of read them later. A soft male voice sings into the mic as mostly acoustic instruments swirl around a fluid soundscape. That's not to say it's depressing: quite the contrary as stout drums, keys and horns help keep this disc lively." - Evil Needles

"Mike Getches manages to create quite a lush, pop album that owes to contemporaries like Dashboard Confessional and Death Cab For Cutie. There are a lot of pop-styled acoustic guitars present with some interesting layered vocals backing up Getches geeky voice. This guy has a talent for writing infectiously catchy songs. He never goes overboard and is not afraid to show restraint. Honestly, I really enjoyed Bad News From The Bar. The production is perfect for such a project: rich with the vocals up high. Getches is one of those musicians who takes influences of others and crafts something of his own without really reinventing anything. If you get off on great indie pop song writing like the aforementioned bands then you will find that Ride Your Bike is a charming project and one you should spend your money on. A great debut." - Music Emissions

"Ride Your Bike might have a name that calls to mind childhood memories, but the music on Bad News From The Bar is far more serious and darkly shaded. I keep hearing things that make me think Bright Eyes, Death Cab For Cutie and Dashboard Confessional. Bad News has the complexities of a full-band effort, but it's Mike Getches own lead and self-provided backing and gang vocals that steal the show. The sound comparisons may be easy to make, but there's definitely much more to Ride Your Bike's story." - Pastepunk

"Band leader Mike Getches understands that pop music needs a story. Bad News From the Bar provides the commentary and narrative backdrop both through his lyrics and the transitions of the songs. Produced by none other than Andrew Berlin (Suicide Machines, Lemonheads, A Wilhelm Scream) and Chris Jak (Rise Against), there's a certain laidback indie pop feel to the album that is both airy and tight. Emotional melodies haunt the listener as Getches and crew avoid pop cliches and indie rock guffaws with seeming ease."- Smother

"On rare occasions, an album sneaks up on you like a crazed ninja and knocks you over the head with crazy musical nunchucks. Ride Your Bike's Bad News From the Bar is the musical ninja I speak of. With my first listen, I knew I had just listened to something special. Once you realize that this album is actually the companion to a well thought out story, you really invest in the songs and lyrics. This is an album that warrants numerous re-visits, but each song can be enjoyed on it's own merit. This is an album that flows from song to song exceptionally well, with numerous indie pop hooks and sing along choruses. With Bad News From the Bar, Ride Your Bike have given us a complex and diverse album that goes down easy. It is an album that gets better with each listen and will be stuck in your CD player or iPod for weeks, if not months." - Indie Uprising

"Eleven songs of catchy melodies that will take your ears the first time you hear them: We All Have Our Shoes, Sticks And Stones and This Car Is Hot As Hell display some serious skills for writing cool harmonies with simple elements. It's great because a lof of different people will enjoy Ride Your Bike...from the indie rock nerds (like me) to the fans of mainstream pop punk. They're all destined to fall in love with the harmonies of Bad News From The Bar. Not just because they're good, but because they're awesome. A great collection of indie rock fused with pop." - Truepunk