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01. Ride Your Bike - "Sticks And Stones" from the album Bad News From The Bar
02. Desoto Jones - "Giant Magnets" from the album Aurora
03. Moving Mountains - "Grow On, Grow Up, Grow Out" from the album Pneuma
04. Track A Tiger - "Saint About To Fall" from the album We Moved Like Ghosts
05. Dartz! - "Once, Twice, Again!" from the album This Is My Ship
06. 500 Miles To Memphis - "All My Friends Are Crazy" from the album Sunshine In A Shotglass
07. Desoto Jones - "Nonfiction" from the album Aurora
08. Starmarket - "Coming From The Cold" from the album Four Hours Light
09. Small Arms Dealer - "Whole Company's..." from the album Patron Saint of Disappointment
10. Free Diamonds - "Hugs And Kisses" from the album By The Sword
11. Ride Your Bike - "We All Have Our Own Shoes" from the album Bad News From The Bar
12. Track A Tiger - "Light" from the album We Moved Like Ghosts
13. Moving Mountains - "Cover The Roots / Lower The Stems" from the album Pneuma
14. Clair De Lune - "Black Heart Charades" from the album Assisted Living
15. Dartz! - "St. Petersburg" from the album This Is My Ship
16. Free Diamonds - "My Boxing Days Are Over" from the album By The Sword

Now with over 120 albums in its catalog, fiercely independent Deep Elm Records unleashes Bonfire Of Trust with 16 songs from every killer new release in the catalog. We see our label being about people coming together, meeting, singing and sharing that experience with each other...those are the times that we remember forever. It's about the power of music and the bands that create it. Founded on respect for music and the creative process, a goal of discovering and developing new artists and undying integrity in everything we do, Deep Elm strives to further its reputation as one of the world's most consistent and reliable sources of quality independent recordings. "These bands are some kind of unbelievable...they are young and fresh with original ideas and most importantly, good songs. The Deep Elm roster is one of the finest around today" says TruePunk. Take it to the bank. (DER-472)
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"Deep Elm just happens to represent most of the best indie rock bands in the scene. Every band has their own sound, personality, songwriting style and musical focus. The diversity manifested is inspiring to say the least. An onslaught of what is truly respectable in the underground." - Bandoppler

"The number one independent label...Deep Elm." - Truepunk

"The world's most reputable indie rock label." - Chord

"Having built an immaculate reputation through the discovery and fostering of a cascade of impressive punk and alt-rock acts, Deep Elm is one of America's true great independent pioneers." - The Downloader

"One of THE legendary underground record labels in the US, right up there with Dischord, No Idea and Jade Tree." - Die Shellsuit Die

"Only Dischord can match Deep Elm for earnestness." - New Noise

"Deep Elm is at the forefront of the underground scene and never takes their fanbase for granted." - Zink

"When you sign to Deep Elm Records, it must pretty much confirms that your band is good." - Pure Music