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01. Our Lost Infantry - "Fearless" from the album The New Art History
02. Lights & Motion - "Home" from the album Reanimation
03. Accents - "Storms" from the album Growth And Squalor
04. Moonlit Sailor - "Colors In Stereo" from the album Colors In Stereo
05. Again For The Win - "The Lines Above Our Heads" from the album We've Been Here Forever
06. Ethienne - "Ultrapop" from the album The Old And The New World
07. Keystone Kids - "Miles" from the album Things Get Shaky
08. The Sky Life - "Granville" from the album Caves
09. The Cast Before The Break - "Sleep" from the album Still
10. Coma Recovery - "Red Lighning Child / The Great Emptiness" from the album Goddverb
11. The Dandelion War - "A Different Heav'n" from the album We Were Always Loyal To Lost Causes
12. The Lions Rampant - "Let Us In! (Come On)" from the album Play Rock N Roll
13. Cari Clara - "Homage To Excess" from the album Midnight March
14. Athletics - "Speaking For Everyone (Version II - Piano)" from the album Stop Torturing Yourself

Fiercely independent Deep Elm Records continues to build a better label - one that operates for glory, not gold. We see our label being about people coming together, meeting, singing and sharing that experience with each other...those are the times that we remember forever. It's about the power of music and the bands that create it. Founded on respect for music and the creative process, a goal of discovering new artists and undying integrity in everything we do, Deep Elm strives to further its reputation as one of the world's most reliable sources of quality independent recordings. On a completely self-sufficient basis and without outside support, Deep Elm competes in an industry dominated by corporate giants. We are proud to be 100% independent. We put out the records that move us and support the bands we love. We survive on word of mouth. So if you are a fan, spread the word. And we'll make sure these bands will continue to be there when you need them. We're not just making music, we're making history... (DER-545)

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"Since its first release, Deep Elm has been one of the heart-warmingly pure indie labels. Untainted by commerical interests of 'cash-cow' bands and hit singles, and not being one of those 'faux indie' labels that work in the back pocket of the major labels, with Deep Elm and their bands it is all about the music. Seeing the 'Deep Elm Records' logo attached to any release is an automatic seal of approval for me, and is it any wonder why? When it comes to indie and post-rock music, there isn't another label out there in possession of a stronger arsenal than what Deep Elm boasts. And they haven't just provided us with some of the seminal albums of the past decade, but also with bands that could set the benchmark for the next..." - RockFreaks

"You have the corporate sell-out, pseudo-indie labels who work hand in hand with major record companies for distribution and publicity, and then you have the keepers of the true faith, as exemplified by Deep Elm Records: untainted by commercial interests, true indie labels undyingly devoted to the music with a singular passion. Deep Elm has made a name for itself as champion of the independent artist." - Power Of Pop

"The 15 years that have passed since John Szuch launched the Deep Elm label must seem like a lifetime. During that span, not only has the music industry undergone a seismic shock to its once long operating system, but the emo that Deep Elm long fostered has gone from denoting a sound in the lineage of Sunny Day Real Estate to being used as descriptor for fashion. The label has weathered both with great poise, preparing itself for the future while also not abandoning the music or principles by which the label has long defined itself." - Limewire

"One of the most legit independent labels going." - Record Rebellion

"Deep Elm is still fucking killing it so hard..." - Bethlehems