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01. Requiem
02. Home  
03. Aerials
04. Drift
05. The March  
06. Victory Rose
07. Epilogue
08. Fractured
09. Texas
10. Faded Fluorescence
11. Departure
12. Reanimation
13. Dream Away

Bonus (Deep Elm Digital only): Video for "Home" + 4 Wallpapers
One word: Epic. That's the most succinct way to describe the stunning instrumental debut by cinematic post-rock powerhouse LIGHTS & MOTION. The band's braintrust, 24 year old self-taught multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, engineer, mixer and all around musical savant Christoffer Franzen, created and composed every song in real-time during late night insomnia sessions through pure accident, improvisation and inspiration. And the result? More than you could have ever hoped for. Reanimation is pure, sweeping, musically-animated emotion: modern yet classic, bold yet restrained, grandiose yet humble, storming yet tranquil, swerving yet linear...and you are completely surrounded in the sincerity, the ecstasy, the illumination of it all. Every song is deeply intimate yet so massively majestic, culminating in a timeless album that is seemingly created from the same stuff dreams are made of. Reanimation is sure to be acknowledged as one of the best and most important post-rock albums ever made. "If this was the last album we ever released on Deep Elm, I would consider our 18 year mission an overwhelming success" says label founder John Szuch. (DER-546)



"There are two factors by which the genre of post-rock should be judged by - a litmus test, if you will. One, does it challenge and/or dispel the false notion that at the center of rock music presides a frontman and 'proper' song structure? Two, and perhaps most important, does it take listeners out of themselves and into ethereal, ambient and otherworldly realms of which anything and everything is possible when guitars and percussion collide? If this is to be true, then Reanimation, the debut LP from Sweden's 24-year-old multi-instrumentalist, Christoffer Franzen (aka Lights & Motion), is a near-perfect post-rock album. Bound the single thread that is Franzen's solitary performances - improvised, layered and manipulated - is a 67-minute epic that ebbs and flows through sweeping reverb, lush textures of orchestrated strings and sonically crushing melodies. Of the post-rock groups recognized by the majority of mainstream indie rock listeners, Lights & Motion most closely resembles Explosions in the Sky in the band's habitual use of rock's standard guitar, bass and drums. And while Reanimation is chock-full of the non-traditional percussion often found in the genre, it's Franzen's use of this trinity in creating such majestic and euphoric movements that will astound most. No bones about it, Lights & Motion's Reanimation is quite possibly the greatest debut album in post-rock history..." - PopMatters

"It's beautiful, dramatic, powerful, to-the-point, explosive and uplifting. The culmination of everything that post-rock (or a certain school of post-rock) has been trying to achieve for the past decade. It picks your spirits up where all else has failed. It inspires feelings of awe and wonder. It's music for stargazers. It's the sound of your first crush and your last love. It's crescendo-core through and through, but crescendo-core at its finest. A polished and perfected homage to everything that came before it. For any other band to revisit this style of music now would be futile. Reanimation just wont be topped. A must-listen to album." - Postrockstar

"Reanimation is a magical journey that transcends all describable feelings and sensation. Epic..." - StereoFox

"It's easy to see why this wonderfully ambient and cinematic post-rock epic by Lights & Motion is causing a stir, such are the rich tapestries of sound woven throughout its core. Hailed in some corners as one of the most important post-rock albums ever made, Reanimation fuses widescreen soundscapes into uplifting moments of inspiration through improvisation that few in the music world could dream of pulling off so confidently. It's as a result of Franzen's own late night insomnia sessions that we're graced with such a musically animated piece of work to enjoy and through the ultimate irony, comes positivity from desperation. The 12 songs aside, Reanimation is just one piece of superbly played music that will invoke favorite moments from film, visions of the past and future through a mirage of shapes and forms that will lap at your ear lobes like a warm caribbean wind. Not only is this self composed, Franzen also handles production, engineering and mixing like a seasoned pro; making us truly believe there's something and someone very special at work here. A true musical savant who knows how to layer with depth, make bold choices without sounding derivative or contrived; drawing the very best of compositions from his mind, reflecting heartache or a missed opportunities. The only artists we can think of brave enough to concoct an album so convoluted, as dream-like, as fierce and hard-to-get to-know as this would be M83 or My Bloody Valentine. That's not a grin on my face, thats shock at the fact this unique musician has produced probably the most spine-tinglingly soulful debut since records began. Oh and did we mention he's only 24? Astonishing." - Headwarmer

"This album is truly a landmark album of the genre and the best thing since the post-rock genre began. Unstoppable and delicate, Reanimation intoxicates us with melodies and the sweet feeling of peace. Lights & Motion deserves much more recognition than many other well-known and recognized post-rock bands. [9.3 / 10]" - Veuillez par la Presente

"Within the post-rock world, the wait of Lights & Motion's debut album was palpable. I heard of something special stirring in Sweden last month when Deep Elm Record's founder John Szuch wrote a seemingly extravagant claim on their website stating 'If this was the last album we ever released on Deep Elm, I would consider our 18 year mission an overwhelming success'. Reading the band bio, it all seemed very excitable, stating that Christoffer Franzen, Lights & Motion's sole, self-taught and self-producing member, had created something 'more than you could have ever hoped for.' By the end of second track Home, I agreed. By the time the final chord struck on Dream Away, I felt it an understatement! Opener Requiem hints at nothing out of the ordinary bar introduce the instrumentation used to devastating effect on second track Home. This song builds from twinkles and piano chords into a representation of the entire album as thundering guitars, strings and delicate keys culminate in a satisfying and truly uplifting finale. Reanimation stays at this emotion-rich height for the duration as, rather than follow the typical formula of epic highs following tiring lows, Lights & Motion enrich every musical strain with captivating instrumentation and depth. The album is packed with interesting compositions, inspired by everything from country to classical music. Yet for every genre or sound chosen, there is clear emotional reasoning. Texas evokes landscapes of its namesake through slide guitar and strings while The March, like a number of tracks, left me motionless; in awe at the sheer power of the drums and strings emanating from my speakers. Dream Away stands out as a wonderfully inventive final track. As the only song to feature vocals, it acts a poignant finale that remarkably manages to lyricise and validate the intangible emotions of the previous twelve songs. Dissecting individual tracks is somewhat missing the point of Reanimation. This isn't an album that grew from a group of friends collecting songs in a garage that can be played anytime, anywhere; it's a carefully-crafted insight into intangible sentiment that evokes something within as you take in each rise and fall. It's an album to savour and play through in one, speaking volumes despite being predominantly instrumental. Through all of its mighty, cinematic moments, Reanimation indeed becomes a caricature of post-rock. Yet, far from preposterous or over the top, this hyperbole embellishes heart-felt emotion to an incredible level, creating this most moving of modern rock albums." - Beard Rock

"Lights & Motion has created a vibrant beauty in Reanimation, the likes of which hasn't been seen in post-rock for many years...with gentle cascading piano and lilting strings echoing through the empty night, I can't imagine a snowflake having a better soundtrack for descent...consistent beauty filling my mind with improbable dreams. It's damn near perfection." - Sputnik Music

"I don't know what is going on here in Sweden but there are so many great sounding Post Rock bands here. One of my favorites is Moonlit Sailor and now I have to add Lights & Motion to that list. This is the creation of one guy named Christoffer Franzen and he plays his post rock a bit mellower than Moonlit Sailor but with such beauty it is impossible not to be moved. Over and over again I find myself shaking my head going 'wow' at the sheer quality of the songs. There are no lyrics to speak about so you can concentrate fully on the music, with the exception of closing song Dream Away. Sometimes in this genre, songs and albums may sound very similar but that is not the case for Lights & Motion. Five songs in and they sound very different from each other. You have the slow, softer ones and then you have the electronic ones and then there are songs based around an acoustic guitar. You never get the feeling that you have heard this song before and that is a nice thing when you have 13 songs. I have been listening to title track 'Home' for awhile now and it is a great song. What is great about the album is that all songs are of the same quality. It is really hard to pick a favorite here but I think you should listen to this as a whole and not as specific songs. If you do you will be taken on a fantastic journey through a landscape of wonderful sounds. But if I have to pick songs I will say Home, Fractured and Drift. Or wait, I have to mention one or two songs more, or yet another one. You see? It is virtually impossible to choose so you might as play the whole album and dream yourself away. Is Album of the Year of 2013 already here? I think it might very well be so. How he wrote music as beautiful as this is beyond me. I am just very happy that they did. I know that both Moonlit Sailor and Last Lungs are releasing new album this year but this is where the bar is set right now. Good luck to any contenders. [5 / 5 Stars]" - Melodic

"Reanimation begins with a softer instrumental rock sound that features a xylophone, but as the album progresses, the music goes into full on melodic post-rock opera mode. These songs by Lights & Motion are unlike any other songs that I've heard before...mostly because I am hearing them in ways that I have never heard music before. Yes, you listen with your ears, but this is music that not only can I feel, but music that I can see. Each of these thirteen songs tells its own individual story, each encompassing a greater arc that exists throughout the entire album. Listening to these songs is a true amazing experience that isn't that far from watching a series of short films. How do you see this music? Simply by listening to Reanimation...then, just close your eyes." - Raised By Gypsies

"Reanimation is an album full of beautiful noise. The album ebbs and flows like a river heading down a mountain side. This album has so much emotion in it, it is literally dripping off every square inch. It is a journey towards something better. That is the magic of this record: it takes you on a quest for redemption without saying a single word or mumbling a syllable. Lights & Motion manages to grasp the intense emotional power behind post-rock and wield it with the force of a sledgehammer and the subtly of a scalpel. Listen to it when your sad and you will cry, listen to it when your happy and it will make you even happier. This album has something for everyone, and is a brilliant addition to any music collection." - Melting

"I have heard the first album that will absolutely be on my End of the Year lists of 2013. Lights & Motion's Reanimation is a stunner. It's an instrumental album that has shades of Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, and a lot of unique aspects that put these guys firmly in the 'you need to get this' category. The 13 songs are gorgeously sequenced and the production is top-notch, I recommend listening to this album with the best speakers / headphones you own. If you're a fan of the aforementioned bands, there's a lot to like here - and if you've never really gotten into music without vocals before, I firmly believe this could be the album that serves as a jumping off point. Comes with my full recommendation." -

"4.5 / 5 Stars: At the frontier of post-rock, ambient and emo / indie sits Lights & Motion. Swede Christoffer Franzen wrote, produced and recorded Reanimation from A to Z and was discovered by a label that has a flair for finding these unusual talents: Deep Elm Records. Imagine for a second that Coldplay threw themselves headlong into a post-rock light, keeping the melodies, removing all the vocal lines and jamming with Sigur Ros. That is, in a nutshell, the content of what you can expect to hear along these 68 minutes of music, where melancholy and reverie are waiting for you. Reanimation is the stars and the achieved. An album that is both accessible, (despite more than a hour long) deep and totally captivating. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a big trip, because Lights & Motion has written the soundtrack to your life. I could expand for many more hours, but now go ahead listen to this gem. Magic, addictive and absolutely essential for anyone with a heart. I haven't been this excited by a release since "The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place" by Explosions in the Sky. One of the Best Albums of 2013." - Alternativ News

"Debuts are funny things. The cult of genius that critics are sometimes guilty of proliferating puts a lot of stock in the opening salvo of a career; whole careers (even masterful ones) can be defined by the first release. So it's with trepidation that I heap praise on any debut: there's a lot at stake for the artist. Still, it feels disingenuous to not convey how impressed I am at Lights & Motion's debut Reanimation. The origin story of is that of a 24-year-old, self-taught musician working long hours alone to craft an album of sweeping, cinematic post-rock. The album leans toward the start small, end huge trope of post-rock. Guitar, piano and atmospheric synths carry the day, as they often work together to create the big crescendos. Strings also play a large role in the construction of the tunes. It is, above all else, beautiful music: there are no Tortoise-style jaunts into gritty landscapes or Isis-style dissonant roars. If you're looking for some gorgeous post-rock, Reanimation is in your corner. As Lights and Motion continues his career, I look forward to seeing him expand his sonic palette into some more adventurous waters. But as a debut, it's an assured and deeply enjoyable listen." - Independent Clauses

"Post-rock has a new point of reference: Reanimation by Lights & Motion. The result of 15 months of solo work is like a wonderful soundtrack for a film that has not yet been shot. Every song is a story...tinged with melancholy and mixed with hope. The 13 tracks follow and alternate joined by a common thread, colored by arrangements of strings, acoustic and electric guitars, piano and sounds that will excite. The album reaches its highest point with Dream Away, the last track, the only piece sung, beautiful and poetic. I like to think encapsulates the message to never give up and keep on dreaming to find something more that we all seek." - Ondalternativa

"The luminous beauty of the thirteen tracks on this album shows that cinematic post-rock is anything but a tired or worn out genre. I like the fact that the songs sound more nuanced than the usual quiet-loud formula; something exemplified on Drift which has a driving rhythm and an emphasis on motion. Lights & Motion is the brainchild of self-taught Swedish multi-instrumentalist Christoffer Franzen and remarkably, given the richness of the sound, this seems to be a one-man labour of love. Epic in scope..." - Whisperin And Hollerin

"There are albums for which the immediate feeling is astonishment. You stand in awe, asking yourself if what we are hearing is true or we are out of touch. As in real life, anyway: we care about some things, others pass us by and we don't consider them and others still completely capture our attention and we can not think of anything else. Well, I can assure you than Lights & Motion's album be part of the last category. Christoffer Franzen opens the doors of his world, or maybe we open our dreams' doors so someone could make music for that moment which usually we're completely free. Yes, because this album is a real soundtrack, is a totalizing and involving trip that elates the mind and soul and makes us smile, shiver, cry, rejoice, love. This is the right word: emotion. Because I can not remain indifferent of similar sounds, I can not mix them as my own experience: they come in and it's like always I've waited a moment like this to feel better or to put that last missing piece to a state of mind. Chris brings us a gift we can't and we don't refuse. Because, only albums amazing like this make us realize that music is not just entertainment, but a real life experience. And we need it. Try to think the poetry and the deep impact of Sigur Ros, with their northern evocations, their landscapes, their worlds that disclose in front of us and the ability to pop and melodic of Coldplay. I try to give a small idea of what you can find in this record, because I already know that I will always be partial, because I can't really put into words these feelings so strong. Hot and cold, light and dark, shoegaze and whispers, indie rock classicism, bombastic string arrangements and kindness to the plan, storms and tranquility, epic and linearity, arpeggios and reverbs and we, in ecstasy, completely surrounded by all this that we will never stop dreaming. I confess that I was listening to 'Home' and I don't know how long it has been since I cried listening to a song. I just want to say thank you to Chris, for giving an enchanting music to my dreams and my life." - TroubleZine

"Deep Elm's lineup of post-rock talent never ceases to amaze me. The label just seems to have a knack for finding some of the best talent around and Reanimation by Lights & Motion is just further proof of that. Reanimation is chalked full of cinematic flair, ripe with over the top emotion and has those captivating indescribable elements that carry it to its place among the higher echelons of post-rock releases. With top-notch production qualities and fine tuned craftsmanship, I can safely say this is the first truly brilliant post-rock release of 2013 and I think that it sets the bar high insanely high for in that regard. It's crazy to think that at just three weeks into the new year there is already an album that will undoubtedly be found on many year-end lists and for good reason. Reanimation is an hour plus long magical journey that explores the depths of the soul by seamlessly transitioning between moments of glory, triumph and heartbreak. After dozens of listens I still find myself impressed at the musical mind of Christoffer Franzen. That no one particular instrument stands out as clearly being dominant or better than the rest speaks volumes to Franzen's talent. Sure, there are inspirations found on Reanimation from EITS, and probably more so from Dorena than any other band, but they are just that, inspirations. What sets Lights & Motion apart is the fact that they've taken a successful formula and mastered it to include their own artistic interpretation and flair. Simply put, this is an excellent album that needs to be a part of any post-rock fan's collection." - Post-RockStar

"Lights & Motion's brainchild is self-taught songwriter Christoffer Franzen. Each song is hand crafted in self-confessed accidental late night insomnia bouts. The result is Reanimation, a complex and compelling instrumental album. When it comes to music without lyrics it is difficult to get a full sense of sentiment and meaning, even harder still to have an emotional reaction to it. But Reanimation changes the way you think about instrumental music. Taking inspiration from movies and images, Franzen's music is epic and powerful and simultaneously peaceful and ethereal. In the same way a movie's soundtrack follows the pattern of the story, from soft delicate tracks to fast paced power numbers, Reanimation does the same thing. Each song brings a new story; a new genre; a new image. It is hard to pin down, and even harder to predict. Home begins with rough crunching that conjures images of long lonely walks in fresh snow. As the chimes kick in, the song becomes something else entirely. The music is so powerful that it makes you feel hopeful and gives you ambition to succeed. Texas is the albums sweetheart. Delicate easy listening at its finest, the song is expressive without giving too much away. As the longest song on the album, it touches on many genres, from post-rock to dream-pop, giving Sigur Ros a run for their money. A timeless track that is every bit beautiful, it is one of the best songs on the album. Reanimation's title track is musically epic and yet at times deeply intimate. The piano notes move and engage, reminding me of Angels and Airwaves for their shared connections to space and dreamlike fantasies. Franzen, in his Lights & Motion mask, will make you want to be a better person. How music can do that without words is entirely beyond me, yet somehow it is accomplished effortlessly. The perfect soundtrack to any movie, or to anything for that matter, Reanimation offers the listener the sharpest glimpses of hope, dreams and raw overwhelming sentiment. All in all, a very impressive debut." - Right Chord Music

"Something has been stirring the hornets' nest for the past few weeks in the post-rock world, and that something is the anticipation of Lights & Motion's debut album Reanimation, released today. Self-taught multi-instrumentalist Christoffer Franzen has been on an epic journey to-and-fro to release this album in the most polished form possible. The Swedish artist first started grabbing ears with single releases, such as preliminary versions of 'Home' and 'Texas'. If you have already familiarized yourself with these singles, you already know that Lights & Motion straddle the high fence between traditional post-rock and cinematic rock. Arguably, those two styles can be blurred into one, which is what we hear in Reanimation. It's a melodic, frenzied race to ecstasy as you listen to each track back to back. If you are looking for any noise-core or the typical crescendo-core that a majority of post-rock bands utilize, I'm going to stop you right here and save you the trouble. Lights & Motion aims straight at your heart and your mind, but in a completely different way. Harmonies, melodies, and a big dose of passion are what fueled him through the insomnia-filled nights to compose each song. Needless to say, this debut album is jam-packed with emotion. From easy-listening to suspenseful crescendos and from powerful sweeps to modest ambient, he creates an album full of contrasting feelings and sounds that undeniably lure listeners in with ease. You can almost understand Franzen and his life story by listening through this album and soaking up each note. At many points through Reanimation, you'll find yourself in close proximity with something intangible, perhaps it's intimacy or that longing for something. Take the opening track, 'Requiem', for instance. A majority of the songs in Reanimation give us a sense of hope, a sense of drive to accomplish the goals that we have set for ourselves that could take a lifetime to fulfill. Heart-swells and watery eyes come to mind as you proceed though the album with a strong urge to listen to Reanimation's entirety. It's not to say that Lights & Motion decided one day to sit down and crank out an album. No, it was more like a cliched story of the underdog rising to the occasion without all the 80s work-out montage. Franzen himself started his voyage with minimal to no prior knowledge of music production and engineering. All he had was the images that appeared in his mind and an urgency to re-create them through sound-waves. It was literally a year and a half straight of trial and error in the studio, learning as he went. Determination was his source of sweat and toil. One thing is certain, Lights & Motion set a goal and accomplished it to the fullest. After only a year and half worth of trial and error, he came out of the studio, emerging victorious with the completion of his ambitious Reanimation. It's a classic tale of making oneself and seeing it through to the glorious end. Somewhere along the line, Lights & Motion must have found his own enlightenment phase, as Reanimation resonates a sense of unity and pride that undoubtedly and maybe unintentionally reflects his journey across the finish line. The album as a whole brings forth a sense of determination and an uplifting feeling that things will be okay in the end. Take this particular album as a self motivator to achieve your own goals by cuing this up while the sun is rising. Let this be your soundtrack to success. After your first listen through, you'll surely understand why." - Earmilk

"Reanimation is beautiful. It conjures images in your brain, caresses your ears with majestic crescendos, cinematic dynamism and can feel very inspiring during big moments. Home sounds like the child of Sigur Ros with more purpose. Drift is the main highlight of the album. It has such drive behind the song with its rolling drums and meaty string section. It will have you on the edge of your seat. The build-up is relentless before a short implosion into a beautiful piano section ushers in a new build-up to another more bass and guitar driven crescendo. The process is rinsed and repeated to perfect effect. What a song...what a song! The word epic comes to mind. Fractured displays pop sensibilities that had there been vocals would have passed as a big indie song. Texas shares the same vibe. The nature of the album with its cinematic qualities and epic crescendos and string orchestra melodies will beg you to dream and fill your mind with ideas. It's a daring and bold offering that I can do nothing but salute the effort. Let's hope this is just the beginning of Lights & Motion." - Made Of Chalk

"Lights & Motion's debut is stunningly spectacular. Reanimation is the ultimate cinematic post-rock record, combining beautiful layers, powerful and meaningful melodic lines, and an ethereal feel that drives home the statement this album offers: 'I'm here, and I'm a musical force to contend with.' Getting into the music of Lights & Motion, one can hardly describe it as anything but cinematic. 'Texas' is such an easy going, laid-back track that if you were externally feeling any stress, by two minutes into the track it would have dissolved into nothingness. Christoffer Franzen always has orchestrations that are particularly powerful, but I think the most impressive part of this track was the inclusion of things like guitar bends and shaker, a technique and instrument respectively that would not normally be heard on a post-rock record. Yet, listening to the song, I don't think I could imagine the song without them, because Franzen nests them so delicately deep into the track that without them, the homely-emotion of the song would be completely lost. And when you hear them, along with everything else in the's hard to hear it and not be nostalgic, even on the first listen. Tears will be shed, dear listener. Others might disagree, but I think 'Drift' is the most powerful track on the record, both in terms of tempo and song layering as well as emotional burden. The song is introduced with warm, reverberating chords from a guitar, and after a few long notes, a sudden drum and bass line appear, powerful and articulate, and Franzen continues to pile on the instrumentation as synths, more guitar chords, synth strings, and a multitude of others make their appearances, layering and layering in a whirlwind of blending colors and chaos, until only a piano is heard, beginning the famous mid-song post-rock buildup, again with the bass and drums, again with the layers, and the song breaks into a glorious outro, touching on every possible human replication of sadness with what has to be every possible rock instrument known to man. It concludes quickly after this, ending with angriest non-metal guitar breakdown I've ever heard, cutting off sharply and leaving the listener in epic silence. From what I can tell, Reanimation has little room for improvement. Franzen poured his musical and technological genius into this album, playing and mixing and mastering his heart out and putting forth his entire self into his debut. What really shocks me is that he'll probably end up doing it again, but that's for another time. For now, we have Lights & Motion's Reanimation, and it's more than enough to satisfy the hungry Moonlit Sailor or Goonies Never Say Die fan for a while yet.' - Muzik Dizcovery

"Reanimation by Lights & Motion makes for my first music review in the New Year in a week when the new release market is flooded with projects from newbies and veterans alike. After a brief review of all the new release albums, I selected Reanimation clearly due to the entrancing demo of the first track Requiem which is a defining step for a budding musical genre of cinematic rock. Reanimation begins like a powerful overture to moments in life that should be cherished and remembered forever. For an early morning review, I enjoyed the opportunity to review a creative work that found me drifting through the fading passages of my memories. By the time Aerials (the third track) begins, I find myself at doorways in my mind leading to performances and experiences which can obviously only be called from the depths of the subconscious by harmonic expressions un-directed by vocal or narrative interruptions. At times the pleasure of Lights & Motion makes me feel as if I was relaxing on a table feeling the dissemination of stress lifted away by the hands of a masterful massage therapist. This album is so emotionally inspiring and motivating, one will barely notice the progression from song to song as you transition back and forth from powerful driving themes and moods to airy melodies seemingly carried on the back of the wind. This year is off to a great start as I can easily identify the first album of this year not to be without. I cannot imagine any lover of music escaping the lure of the cinematic rock collection of Reanimation. Simply put, Reanimation plays like a soundtrack for the heavens, life, and beauty in motion. I have found my first keeper album of the year." - Lojo

"Listening to Reanimation makes me feel like I just saved the world from the biggest, baddest adversary ever encountered. This is the soundtrack to my victory. A cohesive collection of post-rock filled with building crescendos and a sense of epic fulfillment. Lights & Motion have crafted an album that stands on its own. After each listen, I feel a strong sense of positive energy and hope built up inside, all driven by the arrangements and emotion poured into the album. Reanimation shows the power of post-rock when done correctly." - Wrath And Rainbows

"The intimacy of Reanimation radiates throughout every fiber of your body and completely relaxes your soul, similar to meditation. It's the kind of music that fits perfectly with magical moments. It is amazing how Lights & Motion's Christoffer Franzen manages to achieve all this on his own. I'm trying to find that one song that stands out, but I give up. The entire album exudes the same warmth, over and over. There is no specific track that sounds better or worse. Reanimation is a journey through a landscape of beautiful valleys, a sunset in the most romantic setting or upon a vast lake where you only hear the birds singing in the sky. Each song was created to touch the depths of your soul and each song exudes absolute tranquility. The common thread throughout the whole album put your mind and body into a kind of soothing ecstasy. It is a perfect way to end the day after stressful work or school, forget all your worries and resuscitate yourself with energy. Just listen to this pill or medication needed. That all sounds perhaps exaggerated, but believe us friends, Lights & Motion is the newest jewel of the post-rock/ambient scene." - Snooze Control

"Christoffer Franzen, is a Swede and his Lights & Motion serve up flat-pack post-rock. IKEA instruction manuals must have improved out of sight since my day allowing Reanimation to take familiar instrumental set pieces and re-assemble with precision. Tab A goes into Slot A and very soon we have a composite record that really works. I love the fact that this is titled 'Reanimation.' The last ten years or so have been largely sedentary for the world of post-rock and instrumental music. Lights & Motion breathe new life where other acts have been fanning the embers. Lights & Motion step in here with such skill and agility that nothing suffers. Integrity is maintained and Reanimation hits us like a montage of post-rock, instrumental, electronica highlights from the past decade. Post-rock long players often give us moments of excellence but fail as an overall entity due to repetition and the lack of vocal presence. Franzen has varied his album deftly. Something like Drift - approaches the cinematic electronica of, say, M83 before pulling back into post rock guitar drama. There is an awful lot going for this record. The mix is superb for starters. The soundscape is filled, but the instruments have room to breathe. It is neither cloudy nor overly spacious. The tracks have real lifecycles of their own, lifecycles that make sense, I suspect due to the skill of the rhythms here. Beats, whether programmed or performed, need to engage, otherwise it soon gets dull. Well not here. This record is loaded with optimism and as a result becomes its own fanfare. Reanimation does for the post-rock legacy what Interpol did for post-punk...retreads and revitalises, becoming a classic in its own right." - Sic Magazine

"I have chosen to review not only one of the best post rock releases of the last few years (let alone 2013), but one that I feel an extra connection to because I had the privilege to watch it grow from a fledgling project with just a few hundred followers to a body of work that has raised the bar for what people can expect out of the genre. It began with one talented artist sharing on social media the fruits of his labors produced during long nights of insomnia-driven creativity - pieces of music that he composed, performed, and recorded himself. I paid him a single, well-deserved compliment on the first track that I got a chance to listen to and in his friendly and gracious reply, he extended the invitation to stick around. I did exactly that and observed as his work came to fruition with nearly 25,000 Facebook fans, over 200,000 plays on Soundcloud, and a full length album release that is not only getting rave reviews from post rock aficionados, but winning over new fans to the genre and getting airplay all over the world. The artist is Christoffer Franzen, the project is Lights & Motion, and the record is Reanimation on the respected Deep Elm label. If that seems like a cinematic introduction, it was meant to be, because this is a cinematic record. So surely, it is no accident that the album develops in many ways like a film score, but only to a movie that does not exist yet, but that lives instead in your imagination. I have found that as good as each of the songs on Reanimation are standing on their own merits, listening to the entire album with this mindset is the key to unlocking the most that it has to offer. In particular, the first 5 tracks work together to form a very satisfying arc that is genuinely cinematic in scope. To begin with, sit down and relax, put on your headphones, close your eyes, and listen to the opening track, Requiem. All the subtle cues are there to evoke the same response you might experience if you were sinking down into your chair in a movie theatre as the lights dim, the curtains pull back, and the anticipation builds with the promise of cinematic magic taking over the room. The chiming tones of the outro transition to the ambient scratches at the beginning of the next track, Home which unfolds like an opening scene. The chimes return, but in a faster tempo, and a crescendo begins to slowly build. You can imagine a camera panning across a scene - perhaps a city at night, or a glowing light on the horizon. Whatever image it brings to your mind, a sense of wonder and wide open space is invoked as it finally explodes in a dramatic flourish and a driving pace that is full of life and light. Just as at the conclusion of well-constructed opening scene of a film, you are now fully absorbed in the world the storyteller has created. The album then moves forward at a brisk, assured pace with the anthemic Aerials, which builds over a steady pulse, adding layers of percussion and guitar to a satisfying crescendo. All of this sets up the dramatic fourth track, Drift. A driving melody begins on just the piano before being joined by racing drums supported by a layer of muted, growling guitars. The tension breaks after a pause in the breathless pace is followed by an eruption of power chords and soaring keyboards. It is bold and thrilling, a musical action scene. The fifth track, The March completes the arc as it slows the pace. As in a film score, certain sounds and themes reappear, this time the ambient scratches, chimes, background voices we heard at the opening of the album. But, new components are also added and there is a greater sense of drama. It is full of nuances and changes of pace. Acoustic guitars and strings add a little something new to the sound and it all builds to a satisfying conclusion and with an especially nice melodic surprise around the sixth minute. At this point, there is plenty of music left, but it feels as if at least one storytelling arc has been completed. Continuing the cinematic analogy, the major themes, characters, and plotlines have been introduced, but there is more of the story to tell in which all of these will feature in different ways and contexts. It begins with Victory Rose is a more reflective piece that moves at a slow and even pace and which features beautiful delay pedal guitar sounds. This is followed by Epilogue and Fractured, which feature themes and crescendos introduced earlier in the album in slightly new ways and move the story along as it were, setting us up for the two longest and most atmospheric tracks on the album. The first one, Texas, clocks in at over 9 minutes and feels like a complete story in itself with an introduction of gentle slide guitar and strumming acoustic rhythms create an atmosphere that fits the title. It is a perfect song for a long drive on an isolated road. Then Faded Fluorescence is a wonderfully atmospheric piece that is around 8 minutes in length. Again the music echoes the title as everything builds over top of an ambient buzz that summons the image of a glowing light. This one feels like a long reflection after moments of intense drama. The 11th track, Departure is a short power chord driven piece that wakes us from the reverie of the previous tracks and announces the concluding section of the album. This is followed by the title track, Reanimation which starts of like a reprise of everything that came before, but then finishes with another lovely melodic surprise, finally playing out gently with just a piano carrying the melody. By now, you've spent a little over an hour in the hands of a musical storyteller and run a gamut of emotions. But before it ends, as if to complete the soundtrack-like approach, Christoffer adds one more track. It is a lovely bit of dream pop called Dream Away, the kind of tune that, if this really were a film, would play as the lights came up and the credits begin to roll. Here we learn that just because he chose not to sing on the rest of the album, it does not mean that can't do it very, very well. He has a wonderful voice which is pitch perfect for the style he delivers and it makes a satisfying conclusion to a stunning debut and a perfectly cinematic listening experience. Is there any need to say that the album is highly recommended?" - Stationary Travels

"Lights & Motion is another superb find for the impressive Deep Elm catalog; this time, they've found a masterful musician, Christoffer Franzen, a self-taught musician and studio manipulator. Reanimation, his debut, is an amazing record of impeccable beauty and delicacy. This is music for the mind; grand, sweeping instrumental songs that are loud but not hard, big but not overwhelming. Piano and percussion twinkles pepper the sonic landscape throughout, giving a childlike feeling to many songs, like 'Home' and 'Aerials.' Franzen isn't afraid to get loud and big, though; 'Texas' sounds like an homage to established Texas post-rockers Explosions in the Sky and Balmorhea. Franzen only sings on one song, the closing 'Dream Away.' He has a really good voice. A flawless debut. If you like it loud, soft, and emotionally moving, then seek out Reanimation." - Big Takeover

"Lights & Motion's debut album contains 13 amazing, jaw dropping tracks. Christoffer Franzen manages to create soaring soundscapes and huge amounts of emotion, almost all without a single word. Each song is unique, but are reminiscent of artists such as Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Ros and M83, among others. The album starts off with Requiem, a nice intro track, short, simple, and sweet. The next track, however, Home, starts your long and beautiful journey through the rest of the album, propelling you to emotive highs and lows. If you like post-rock, give this album a listen. If not, give this album a listen. It is sure to change your opinion on your stance. Listen to: Home, Drift, Texas, Departure. [9 / 10 Stars]" - IndieXmusic

"The first word that comes to mind when listening to the debut album by the one man machine Lights & Motion is 'epic'. The lone contributor Christoffer Franzen makes a very compelling argument for the most cinematic and effective record I've heard in quite some time. Every component that a post-rock record needs to be successful is present on Reanimation and Franzen justifies a spot on the short list of great cinematic songwriters. From the flawless guitar structures to the beautiful piano melodies, this album is just perfectly crisp. The attention to detail really reminds me of Explosions In The Sky when they were in their prime early in their career. Franzen is obviously a terrific composer so hopefully we'll see him grow from this record and gain his own unique identity for the future. An incredibly effortless listen as Franzen proves he has the ability to make beautiful music." - Earmilk

"Deep Elm will always be a record label that I trust, because they just simply know where to find all the best talent. Time and time again Deep Elm releases great albums. Reanimation is so special in its own way and has received a unique level of attention since it was released. Reanimation has a wistful serenity to it that simply can't be reproduced, and I have yet to encounter another post-rock record that creates this same type of emotion. The beauty of this album is in the overall context and message the album some darn good magic. It combines the epic and powerful, dramatic and theatrical, and peaceful serenity that can be found in several different strains of the genre into one magnificent piece. If you need your spirits lifted on a cold winter day, pop in this record, relax, and enjoy the splendor around you..."- Absolute Punk

"I was not nearly as excited about any other album as I was for the release of Lights & Motion's debut and one could say that any post-rock fan was too, for Reanimation is without question one of the post-rock albums that was anticipated the most. Just before release date, it was time and I was finally able to listen to the sounds of the debut and I was really struck. I knew that Christoffer Franzen, through Lights & Motion, had created something huge. One should know that Christoffer is self-taught in every way. Every instrument is played by him, he wrote the songs himself, arranged, recorded and even mixed the album. By the end of the album, all that he has to offer the post-rock world became clear. The songs create incredible worlds of sound, the songwriting is amazing, even the last song that comes along with the only proper vocals does so quite in the shade of all the instruments. And the singer is, of course, none other than Christoffer himself. Lights & Motion is post-rock, cinematic-rock, art-rock and indie. There are also terrific orchestral parts used throughout the album. Every post-rock fan should listen to this album. It is now the post-rock album of the year, come what may. An absolute masterpiece and a future classic. Perfect!" - Metalglory

"The amount of buzz currently surrounding Lights & Motion's new full length, Reanimation, is nearly as dramatic and encompassing as the music itself. From the haunting orchestral swells of the opening track Requiem it is clear that Franzen aims to take the listener somewhere. He is largely successful. Clocking in at over an hour with 13 emotionally charged songs, this record is a lot to take in. However, it is very much a journey worth embarking on, full of climactic sweeps and dynamic progressions. It's simply amazing that Reanimation is the work of a lone 24 year old. A vast and epic collection of vivid and unearthly landscapes, it is extremely high brow, both intellectually and emotionally. That said, the sounds of standout tracks like Home and Drift are soothing and accessible enough to please listeners not necessarily accustomed to grandiose post-rock. The depth of feeling captured in these recordings is as evocative and Byzantine as any prime-time television drama. Drawing an analogy to a dramatic television series works, perhaps we also live in the golden age of theatrical music, a time in which artists like Lights & Motion are able to achieve new levels of sonic-emotional intricacy in the relatively compact format of a song. Throughout this album, Franzen strategically utilizes ghostly, reverb-laden vocals. There aren't any discernible words until Dream Away, the final track. It is a strong song, in its own way just as epic as the rest of the album. Franze's voice sounds extremely young, a tiny reminder that Reanimation is the brainchild of a kid in his 20's. As capacious and effective as this record is, we have likely only heard an introduction to what Lights & Motion has to offer." - Fabricoh

"With big builds, simmering moments and huge, textured crescendos, Reanimation is magical lightning in a bottle. It sounds spectacular and it gives you goosebumps. That's the whole point of making big, loud guitar music without words. Requiem makes me feel like I am the main character in an epic fantasy movie, but I die in the second act, only to brought back to life by magic or time travel or the power of sadness. Home makes me feel like I am on a quest to save the family of orca whales that raised me from birth from the merciless harpoons of evil whalehunters lusting after some choice ambergris. Long live post-rock." - Mattneric

"The braintrust of Lights & Motion (as well as multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, and mixer) Christoffer Franzen describes his songwriting influences as melodies and harmonies, movies and images, loneliness and melancholy. Through shiver-inducing volume swells, morose piano, soft ambience or loud, straight-forward guitars accompanied by woven in strings and enlivening drums, each influence can easily be identified in one listen-through of the new album. Lights & amp; Motion is essentially an instrumental act, but lyric lovers should not brush the band off; each song tells a story (or multiple), and the tracks are dynamic enough to accompany you throughout any part of your day, whether it be awakening to Home as its layering instrumentation does the same, or falling asleep to the cricket sounds and calming atmosphere created by Texas. Plus, as a pleasant surprise, Franzen sings in the closing track, Dream Away, showing us that he is not limited to making instrumental music. Reanimation has beautiful production quality and is more than worth your time." - JamSpreader

"Lights & Motion creates an adventurous type of rock that marries a beautiful hybrid of tradition-bound post-rock with symphonies, beautiful melodies, electronic components and significant focus on mood. Drift, The March and Victory Rose are perhaps the album's most representative tracks and shine with an energetic presence that truly accomplishes the music's purpose by directly connecting to the brain's pleasure center. The beauty of Reanimation is quite striking indeed and it shows that the man who fronts Lights & Motion cares. Purifying and excellent." - Sputnik

"The obvious words are epic, cinematic, classical...but the only ones to use are power, fragility and stunning. You can add heartbreaking as well, because Reanimation kicks seven kinds of crap from the flimsy, flatpack tedium of Tubular Bells. If you have only one contemporary instrumental album in your collection, it has to be Reanimation. Quite exceptional." - Unpeeled

"A cinematic experience.." - Metalglory

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