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SONS OF LONDON "Russian Roulette"

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This single from SONS OF LONDON featuring Oscar Gullbrandsen and Adam Tornblad of cinematic post-rock sensations U137 (which recently surpassed 10 Million plays on Spotify alone) and Moonlit Sailor, kicks off 2016 by riding a potent and powerful line between feel-good American indie rock and modern Swedish pop music. As for the ride, trust's one that you won't want to end. Beginning with a drum arrangement that will get any stickman reaching for his chops, Russian Roulette powers on with crunchy guitar lines and a clever chorus that's nearly impossible not to sing out loud yourself. The unique blend of uplifting sonic goosebumps and darker lyrics not only entrenches these tracks directly into a previously empty space in your memory, but also has you recalling naive teenage dreams about love and what comes with it. This doesn't sound like a debut because these guys definitely know what they're doing. Well-arranged and well-executed, this must listen to release harkens back to the days of yesteryear for Deep Elm Records and the memorable sound that provided the bedrock for the label's foundation and growth. (DER-566)

"Well, damn. Right when I thought Deep Elm was out of the game for post-Blink-182 emo-punk-pop, they go and
drop this on us. This is one of the most memorable, can't-stop-listening pop-punk tunes I've heard
in a long, long time. The #1 Pop Single of 2016!" - Independent Clauses


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