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ATHLETICS "Who You Are Is Not Enough"

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A conceptual record about the quest to find oneself, Who You Are Is Not Enough is the third album from post-rock / post-hardcore heroes ATHLETICS. Written stylistically as one song separated into five parts relating to love, loss and acceptance, the 10 track re-release will include the original five track album released in June 2012 plus an instrumental version of each part dubbed the 'Find Yourself' tracks. This is an album about finding yourself. So we felt it was only appropriate to remove the albeit very poetic lyrics in order to give the listener an option to create his or her own experience to the masterful music without any pre-conceived ideas. It's a very powerful, unique, genre-spanning album that stands on its own with or without lyrics. So fans now have a choice of how to make the most of the music. (DER-557)

"Nothing short of breathtaking. Sophisticated artistry with a beautiful edge. A must have. [Rating: 5 / 5]." - Idobi

"Athletics have carved a sweet spot in the post-rock genre. The highest praise possible. [Rating: 10 / 10]." - AmpKicker

"Remarkable. So unbelievably unique. Excellent writing and lyricism. A beautiful album. [Rating: A-]." - Muzik Dizcovery


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