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CHRISTOFFER FRANZEN "Music For Film & Television, Vol. 2"

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Music for Film & Television, Vol. 2 by composer Christoffer Franzen of cinematic post-rock powerhouse LIGHTS & MOTION need not be simply needs to be heard. Having released three full-length albums under the Lights & Motion moniker to widespread fan, media and industry attention, Christoffer is now making an additional 36 beautifully composed instrumental tracks available to the world in two separate 18 track volumes. Each incredible song is the direct result of Christoffer's creative prowess crossing paths with a moment of inspiration during the wee morning hours in a small, dimly-lit, snow-covered studio in Gothenburg, Sweden. This is where the magic happens. The Film & Television collection is destined to be a "go to" series for filmmakers, cinematographers and videographers who demand that the music which accompanies their projects stands out, gets recognized and most important, is remembered. This collection is an essential resource for cutting-edge creatives who understand that the music and visuals share the stage equally and recognize that just a few of the right notes can dramatically influence the success of any project. (DER-559)

"A collection that proves Franzen has the heart and the chops to score a multitude of future works..." - Stationary Travels


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