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In mid 2012, ACCENTS came out of nowhere with an astonishingly mature debut Growth And Squalor that bled pure indie folk rock bliss. Now back as a five-piece, the soon to be heralded Tall Tales (featuring "Hold Me Close") sounds more like their fourth or fifth album together, not a sophomore effort with three new members. Certain to cement the band as far more than a one-genre pony, Tall Tales epitomizes synergy among musicians. Listening to the album is like peering into a complex machine, observing every individual element as it performs it's critical function...all pieces and parts focused towards the same end. Tall Tales offers a diverse set of songs with a wide range of styles, but it's the honesty behind every note, every melody and every lyric that undeniably threads them all together. The whole idea behind Tall Tales is looking at the stories we are told as children, and reconciling them with where we end up as adults. Whether the tale you're listening to is fact or fiction, one thing that's certain is that it's the absolute, concentrated best of what each of these fine musicians has inside themselves. (DER-556)

"Genre-mashing each its moment in the sun. Fascinating." - Indie Clauses

"An indie-folk masterpiece...extraordinarily creative, completely sincere...brilliant." - Heavy Petal

"An undeniably thoughtful and heartfelt album that raises the bar for indie musicians everywhere." - Infectious


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