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Now with over 220 releases in its catalog, fiercely independent Deep Elm Records continues to build a better label - one that operates for glory, not gold. Deep Elm is about bands and fans coming together as one and experiencing music's awesome ability to inspire, comfort and console. Founded on respect for music, the creative process and the development of new artists, Deep Elm strives to further its reputation as one of the world's most reliable sources of quality independent recordings. A small but dedicated team provide all label services on an in-house basis including worldwide promotion, marketing, licensing, publicity, design and all internet-related operations including our hi-res digital download store (deepelmdigital.com).

Deep Elm offers the download of every album in our catalog on a Name Your Price (aka "Pay What You Can") basis, to ensure that the music of our bands can be experienced by everyone around the globe. We are the very first record label to offer its entire catalog in this format. It's a bold and unprecedented move towards getting our music into the hands and ears of as many people as possible. We leave it up to the fans to determine the value of the music, not it's price. We're not just making music together, we're making history.

Deep Elm is responsible for seminal releases by Lights & Motion, composer Christoffer Franzen, Floating In Space, The Lions Rampant, U137, composer Carly Comando, Athletics, The Appleseed Cast, Floating In Space, Dorena, Moonlit Sailor, Latterman, Last Lungs, This Drama and many more. We are also recognized for our humble begininngs, including our 12 volume compilation series "The Emo Diaries" featuring Jimmy Eat World with the opening track. You may be surprised to learn that Deep Elm's entire artist roster has been built solely by bands submitting their music to the label. We don't require multi-album agreements. Our bands call Deep Elm home because they want to, not because they have to. This is the way to build a record label. We release albums that move our hearts and for no other reason. Fairness to the artist and undying integrity in all that we do have been guiding principles at Deep Elm since day one.

Deep Elm is recognized as one of the industry's premiere indie music licensing resources and has provided pre-cleared, cutting edge music to tastemakers worldwide from our catalog of 2,000+ original songs and instrumentals for over 15 years. Our music has appeared in feature films, indie films, movie trailers, TV commercials, TV shows, movie soundtracks, video games, trade shows and online promotional campaigns. Our clients include Fast & Furious, Apple, Google, The Oscars, Warner Bros, NBC, Universal, Red Bull, Monster, Microsoft, Four Seasons, Audi, Aston Martin, Billabong, Barclays, BMW, Boeing, Rip Curl, Budweiser, Canon, Chevrolet, Comcast, Dell, GoPro, Fiat, Hershey's, Mattel, Microsoft, Met Life, NHL, NFL, Nissan, Microsoft, Hilton, Nike, Princess Cruises, Tesla, AMC, IBM, MSNBC, MasterCard, Make A Wish, USA Network, MTV, HBO, Vans, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, CBS, The CW and many more.

In 2017, Deep Elm proudly celebrates our 22nd year as an independently owned and operated record label. Deep Elm is part of a threatened breed of "true independents" that exist for the love of music. Most so-called "indie" labels are, in fact, funded by major record labels and their affiliates. Not Deep Elm. On a completely self-sufficient basis, Deep Elm competes in an industry dominated by corporate giants...and wins. We have proudly remained 100% independent since our humble beginning. So if you like what you hear, spread the word. And we'll make sure these bands are there when you need them.

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Indie 'Til Death... And We Mean It.

The Press on Deep Elm

"The best label in the world." - PostrockStar

"Everything they touch turns to gold..." - Golden Age

"The world's most reputable indie rock label." - Chord

"The best indie record label in the world." - Alternative Tone

"Deep Elm is still fucking killing it so hard. Awesome." - Bethlehems

"Deep Elm have once again proven themselves as a vital record label at the forefront of the post-rock movement." - Will Not Fade

"Deep Elm's lineup of post-rock talent never ceases to amaze me. The label just seems to have a knack for finding some of the best talent around." - Post-RockStar

"Deep Elm will always be a record label that I trust, because they just simply know where to find all the best talent, and time and time again releases great albums." - Absolute Punk

"The number of things Deep Elm Records has been over the past 21 years is impressive: an upstart label of emo bands before they were cool, the premier emo label in the world, an elite indie-rock label, the source for some of the finest post-rock in the game, and now a hub of dramatic piano-led music (and some dramatic acoustic-guitar-led folk-rock, too)." - Independent Clauses

"Deep Elm Records has become as much a mark of quality as it is a record label. Especially when it comes to post-rock, you know any release that has Deep Elm's name on it is going to be good, such is the plethora of talent on their roster that we have become accustomed to." - Rockfreaks

"You have the corporate sell-out, pseudo-indie labels who work hand in hand with major record companies for distribution and publicity, and then you have the keepers of the true faith, as exemplified by Deep Elm Records: untainted by commercial interests, true indie labels undyingly devoted to the music with a singular passion. Deep Elm has made a name for itself as champion of the independent artist." - Power Of Pop

"One of the most legit independent labels going." - Record Rebellion

"The 15 years that have passed since John Szuch launched the Deep Elm label must seem like a lifetime. During that span, not only has the music industry undergone a seismic shock to its once long operating system, but the emo that Deep Elm long fostered has gone from denoting a sound in the lineage of Sunny Day Real Estate to being used as descriptor for fashion. The label has weathered both with great poise, preparing itself for the future while also not abandoning the music or principles by which the label has long defined itself." - Limewire

"The number one independent label...Deep Elm." - Truepunk

"Deep Elm Records has built a label that is home to countless amazing bands and helped a passionate community of music fans discover new artists while remaining 100% independent. In fact, it's nearly impossible to find an article talking about Deep Elm without the words "best" and "reputable," arguably the two most important adjectives to earn as a record label." - Soundsupply

"Seeing the Deep Elm Records logo attached to any release is an automatic seal of approval for me, and is it any wonder why? When it comes to indie and post-rock music, there isn't another label out there in possession of a stronger arsenal than what Deep Elm boasts. And they haven't just provided us with some of the seminal albums of the past decade, but also with bands that could set the benchmark for the next..." - RockFreaks

"Here is a proper indie label par excellence. Oft times 'indie' labels are just affiliates of some crushing international corporation but sometimes they are from the real deal, like the wonderful Deep Elm. A label of passion and conviction, relying on the quality of its artists and their music and not a bunch of over-hyped puff, this is the stuff we all should support. If there is nothing here that excites you then presumably you have already passed to the other side." - Music Always Gives Me A Lift

"Deep Elm furthers its long-running reputation with epic, emotional ambient rock." - The Big Takeover

"Deep Elm Records has catalogued an impressive arsenal of under-the-radar musicians and bands for more than a decade. This year's crop though just might be their strongest." - Absolute Punk

"An untarnishable reputation for delivering legions of great music." - Go211

"Having built an immaculate reputation through the discovery and fostering of a cascade of impressive punk and alt-rock acts, Deep Elm is one of America's true great independent pioneers." - The Downloader

"Deep Elm Records has one of the best catalogs I have seen in a record label in quite some time. From known bands like Moving Mountains and The Appleseed Cast to upcoming stars like Desoto Jones, Moonlit Sailor and Goonies Never Say Die, Deep Elm knows what good music is." - MuzikDizcovery

"One of THE legendary underground record labels in the USA." - Die Shellsuit Die

"A super-hip independent label..." - Punk Planet

"One of the world's most respected independent labels." - Evening Gazette UK

"Deep Elm Records has an amazing track record of consistency. While labels around them seem to adopt genres, change styles, break, fold and sell, this independent enterprise has never once wavered and for years now, has released some of the most intriguing and captivating indie rock and emo records." - Marshalltown

"Only Dischord can match Deep Elm for earnestness." - New Noise

"Deep Elm is at the forefront of the underground scene and never takes their fanbase for granted." - Zink

"When you sign to Deep Elm Records, it must pretty much confirms that your band is good." - Pure Music

"Deep Elm have proven themselves as one of the founding fathers of contemporary independent music...the leading light of the indie / emotive scene that progresses to a new level with every new release." - Big Cheese

"Deep Elm has long been one of America's most prolific and most consistent indie rock labels." - Ice Magazine

"Deep Elm continually blows me away with the quality and depth of bands it seems to effortlessly pluck from local punk scenes around the globe." - Pee

"Like Epitaph, Sub Pop and Dischord, Deep Elm continues to trace the expansion of one of punk's many offshoots. This is indie rock, make no mistake. Deep Elm is admirable in it's DIY-spirit." - Kerrang

"Deep Elm is THE label. The main reason is that none of their bands play without originality. It's a beautiful thing. Deep Elm no longer has anything to prove..." - Lollipop

"While so many labels are sinking lower and lower into juvenile trends and cashing in on faux-fads, Deep Elm is expanding their roster in the opposite direction with fiercely one-of-a-kind, credible indie bands." - Wreck The Place

"Deep Elm just happens to represent most of the best indie rock bands in the scene. Every band has their own sound, personality, songwriting style and musical focus. The diversity manifested is inspiring to say the least. An onslaught of what is truly respectable in the underground." - Bandoppler

"Deep Elm is one of the most eclectic and adventurous record labels around right now." - Punktastic

"It's hard to say a bad word about anything that comes out on Deep Elm, a label that's 100% independent in the tradition of Dischord. Not only is their mission to put art before profit and create a non-exclusive music scene, but their execution is unparalleled as well. You can bet your bottom dollar that care and attention have gone into anything that bears their logo, from recording quality to artwork to promotion." - Rockpile

"Deep Elm continues its legacy in being the best post-punk rock label out there." - DogPrint

"I can't think of another indie rock label with a track record like Deep Elm's. One release after another kicks my ass with a certain brand of melodic, tense hardcore. Deep Elm has tapped into a vein of post-punk that doesn't quit." - Option

"Deep Elm has become a beacon in the ever-expanding sea of independent rock." - Ear Pollution

"My respect and admiration has shifted to Deep Elm. The fact of the matter is that they are putting out good music while doing one helluva job of staying away from the politics that plague the scene. A label that remembers why we're all doing this in the first place." - Action Attack Helicopter

"Deep Elm has an amazing back catalog...easily one of the best in existence." - Pastepunk

"Deep Elm has the solution. Amazing bands writing amazing post-hardcore songs. I can't stress the care with which Deep Elm has taken in signing their acts, the talent and ability that they look for, and the incredible musicians that they have showcased. Support this amazing label. " - Smother

"Expect to be impressed by a label that is the finest at what it does." - Jersey Beat

"Keep up to date with the multitudes of faultless indie rock records that Deep Elm kindly throws your way..." - Fracture

"Deep elm is one of the very finest labels around you MUST buy their releases, if not at least their samplers - and having bought them you WILL buy all their records." - Steve Lamacq, BBC Radio One

"I dig nearly everything I hear from Deep Elm Records. The diversity keeps you eagerly anticipating what the next band might sound like. All in all, Deep Elm comes out more solid than ever as an unpredictable yet highly consistent label putting out unique and passionate music." - Pastepunk

"Deep Elm has developed an uncanny knack for releasing some of the most impeccably melodious yet edgy music the underground is capable of producing." - Drowned In Sound

"These days brands are little more than visual pollution, but Deep Elm reminds us that a logo can, in the best circumstances, be a stamp of quality." - Deep Fry Bonanza

"Deep Elm has established itself as one of the most reliable curators of indie music. A label that can be trusted to deliver a sound they believe in, Deep Elm always comes through with bands that rock as though it were a new art form..." - Splendid

"One can't deny that Deep Elm is the most consistent record label in existence or that their bands are simply the best in creating textures and moods. One can't deny Deep Elm's importance and respectable 'do-it-together' philosophy." - Law Of Inertia

"These bands are some kind of unbelievable; they are young and fresh, with very original ideas and more importantly, good songs. The Deep Elm Records roster is one of the finest around today." - Truepunk

"In a time when the term 'independent' is loosely applied to subsidiaries of giant conglomerates, Deep Elm stands as one of the most durable, important and truly independent record labels. It is beholden to no other company and continues to be shaped by the enthusiasm and vision of its founder." - Action Attack

John Szuch, Founder / Owner